SOME STUFFS: Signor Benedict The Moor & True Neutral to tour beginning next week

Doctors is what True Neutral and Signor Benedict The Moor are going to call their forthcoming spring tour beginning next week in Los Angeles, which will take them from coast to coast for fun and adventures, hopefully with you, the audience. Check them out, for it will be a must.

May 15… Los Angeles, CA (CES Contemporary)
May 28… Phoenix, AZ (Trunkspace)
May 29… Albuquerque, NM (TBA)
May 30… Denver, CO (Goldrush event at Rhinoceropolis)
May 31… Wichita, KS (Rock Island Live)
June 1… Kansas City, MO (Jackpot Music Hall)
June 2… Chicago, IL (Archer Beach House)
June 3… Cincinnati, OH (Cide Central)
June 4… Pittsburgh, PA (TBA)
June 5… New York, NY (Ad Hoc / Northern Spy event at Aviv)
June 6… Cambridge, MA (Boston Hassle event at Lilypad)
June 7… Monclair, NJ (Meatlocker)
June 8… Columbus, OH (The Summit)

FREE DL: “No Children” compilation from Deathbomb Arc
The good people of Deathbomb Arc have released a new compilation featuring the artists they’re currently working with, people they’re friends with, people they were in previous incarnations and technically still are but… if you know of Deathbomb Arc, you know about their power so here’s another comp to absorb. No Children features music from I.E., the awesome True Natural Crew, tik///tik, clipping., and six more. Margot Padilla (b/k/a I.E.) did the artwork for this one. On top of the music, this effort is free of charge so snag it.

VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “Live”

You may have enjoyed True Neutral Crew’s music but have been curious about what they’re like in a live setting. Here’s the perfect way to find out, a 20-minute short film that is the group displaying themselves on stage in a way that is sure to bring you and everyone else to see them when they play near you. The people you’ll see and hear in this include Margot Padilla (I.E.), Signor Benedict The Moor, and Daveed Diggs of clipping., all of which represent the hip-hop perspective of the group. The musical creations are made by Brian Kinsman, Boo Hiss, and tik///tik. Now that you know, get to know them a bit more.

FREE MP3 DL: True Neutral Crew featuring Signor Benedick The Moor & Catfish Candywrappa’s “I Guess (The Remix)”

 photo TrueNeutralRMX_cover_zps1bfe6d61.jpg
You may have watched “I Guess”, the latest video from True Neutral Crew and said “wow, this is just brilliant” or “what in the hell did I just watch, and how come I can’t get it out of my mind?” If you happened to be someone who enjoyed it, I would simply like to say “awesome”.

Oh wait, there’s more.

There’s now a remix of the song and it features Catfish Candywrappa and Signor Benedick The Moor, which twists things even more. What things? Get to know True Neutral a bit better and you’ll discover those twists.

VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “I Guess”

How crazy can True Neutral Crew get? This crazy. The video for “I Guess” may be minimal in its approach but it offers maximum pleasure, if you allow yourself to absorb that much from the visuals.

FREE DL: True Neutral’s “#MONSANTO” (EP)

 photo TrueNeutral_cover_zps58dce258.jpg
True Neutral is a group featuring Brian Kinsman of Foot Village on drums, Margot Padilla of I.E. fame on electronics and wizardry, and clipping.’s Daveed Diggs sharing vocal duties with Kinsman and Padilla. If you are familiar with any of the projects these three have done, then you might be wondering if this is a beautiful union or a heavenly means of chaos. It’s both, and they’re showing it off with a 3-song EP called #MONSANTO, which also contains a bonus remix of the title track. Could you call this “alternative hip-hop”? For some portions, sure. Could you call this indie electro pop? You could. Would you want to call this noisy pop bop? Whatever you want dude or dudette, whatever you want, but again, if you are at all familiar with clipping., I.E., and/or Foot Village, blend that up in a sauce and see how it sounds/tastes. #MONSANTO is the cause.

VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “#MONSANTO” (mixtape trailer)

As I’ve said a few times before, normally I have reservations of posting “trailers” for songs, albums, EP’s, or anything relating to music since to me, the proper music video is a trailer in itself. I take exception to this. True Natural Crew is a group featuring Margot Padilla, Daveed Diggs, and Brian Miller and while you may recognized their names from other projects (Padilla makes music as I.E., Diggs is with clipping., Miller is a part of Foot Village), this is a completely different beast altogether, and it’s a beast worth paying attention to. They’re about to release a street album called #MONSANTO, the name of which is an immediate attention grabber but there may be a reason for using this distinctive hashtag as a title. We will find this out perhaps when the album is released next month.