FREE MP3 DL: TwoineyLo’s “Where Should I Run?”

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TwoineyLo has a hot one right here called “Where Should I Run”. While the graphic says the song was produced by Dilla, what it means is that he rhymed over an instrumental that was produced by Dilla, not his vocal track. That aside, TwoineyLo continues to share his style with everyone and I look forward to hearing much more. I’m sure he could have an album out by next week. We await whatever he passes along our way.

FREE MP3 DL: TwoineyLo’s “A Story To Tell”

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17-year old TwoineyLo seems to have a story to tell right now, and he is going to explain it to you in a new song called, what else? “A Story To Tell”. See how that works? Now HEAR how it works.

FREE MP3 DL: TwoineyLo’s “Lately”

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What would it be like if MF DOOM had checked out a song by TwoineyLo and said “this kid is nice, I think I want to work with him”? The end result may sound something like this. “Lately” has TwoineyLo dropping 16 bars over a pre-existing MF DOOM instrumental, and if it was possible for DOOM to hear it, he may be impressed. Either way, it is a nice track from the ‘Lo.

FREE MP3 DL: TwoineyLo’s “Usual Suspect”

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For TwoineyLo’s new song, he obtained the production services of Jesse James, and both of them came up with “Usual Suspect”. It goes back to the stereotype that certain people in this world are “born guilty” but it doesn’t have to be that way, even if you’re living a life where being innocent in a world of doubt and hate is part of the struggle.