VIDEO: Ugly Heroes’ “Unforgiven”

You may very well know oif Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill but did you know they’re involved together in a new project. They made an album together as Ugly heroes and the album will be out on June 24th called Everything In Between (Mello Music Group), which is available to pre-order below via

SOME STUFFS: Mello Music Group release new album by Apollo Brown today

It’s easy to just read the subject line and bail out of here to do something else but you need to know just a little more. Detroit rapper Apollo Brown has not onlyu come out with a new album today, but it is an album with 19 brand new songs. In many ways, a title like Grandeur couldn’t be any more appropriate. Some of the people on here include the late Sean Price, plus the great Eternia, Masta Ace, Chino XL, Ugly Heroes, O.C. and many more. Stream it in full, then get yourself a copy for later, or for others.

VIDEO: Red Pill’s “Rap Game Cranky”

A solo album is on its way from Red Pill, and from it will be something not shanky called “Rap Game Cranky” and who is the one that is cranky? Red Pill himself? Another rapper? Fans? Find out the truth behind his venom. Well, find out if it’s really venom or something else. You may know him from Ugly Heroes, now see how he does things on his own. Video was directed by Jay Brown while the song was put together by producer Duke Westlake. The album, called “Look What This World Did To Us, will be out on April 7th.

SOME STUFFS: Ugly Heroes return with a new EP

Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent and Red Pill released a joint album last year as Ugly Heroes, and in 2014 they are returning once again, this time with an EP. The 5-song release will be out on August 19th, which will follow with a European tour but right now, listen to a song from the forthcoming EP called “Naysayers & Playmakers”. Mello Music Group will be releasing the EP on vinyl before the end of the year.

FREE DL: Ugly Heroes featuring DJ Eclipse’s “Ugly”

Another free track for you from the new album by the Apollo Brown/Red Pill/Verbal Kent collaboration known as Ugly Heroes. DJ Eclipse is on this one as well, and “this one” is simply called “Ugly” but is the song itself ugly? Far from it.

VIDEO: Ugly Heroes’ “Hero’s Theme”

Two weeks ago I presented a track from Ugly Heroes‘ self-titled debut on Mello Music Group, and that track has now been turned into a video. It’s for the song “Hero’s Theme”, and this one is a sign of excellence.

FREE DL: Ugly Heroes’ “Hero’s Theme”

 photo UglyHeroes_cover_zps27d9ecc0.jpg
Ugly Heroes (Pill, Verbal Kent, Apollo Brown) are ready to release their self-titled debut album on ?Mello Music Group next week, but any momentum is good momentum, and here’s a bit of a boost to get things going. Call it their theme song of sorts, or call it a celebration of the hero, in all of its forms.