FREE MP3 DL: Una Lux’s “Black Carbon”

Una Lux photo UnaLux_old_zpsda459175.jpg
Una Lux may be considered “art work” by some but they’re also creating some fairly crafty pop in a dreamy manner. This New York quartet have released a new single called “Black Carbon” that could be an apt choice to listen to as the weather gets colder and colder in the northern hemisphere. Dare to give it a try? You should.

FREE MP3 DL: Una Lux’s “Simon”

 photo UnaLux_old_zpsda459175.jpg
Una Lux are (from L-R) Matteo Liberatore, Chris Connors, Kelso Norris and Jake St. John. Together, they have come up with a song they have released as their debut single, “Simon”, which will formally be released on August 26th but you can stream it here and now. To hear their slightly haunting music live, head into Brooklyn on September 18th when their scheduled to play at Glasslands.