VIDEO: Diamond District’s “First Step”

Directed by Jay Brown in Washington, DC, Uptown XO, Oddisee, and yU roamed around in their hometown as Diamond District to create the video for “First Step”, to show how they will do all methods initially before progressing into the next step in anything. The album from the trio, March On Washington, will be out on October 14th which you can pre-order on vinyl below (in the middle) via Amazon, along with the MP3’s (on the left) and CD (on the right).


VIDEO/FREE DL: Uptown XO’s “Finding My Way”

Uptown XO has created a great video for “Finding My Way”, a song from his Mello Music Group album Colour de Grey and…

…you know what? I think this video stands out on its own so well that I don’t have to say anymore.

Okay one more thing: there’s no footage of a rubber tire in this one.

VIDEO: Uptown XO’s “Needs & Wants”

Apartment arguing, outdoor love: these are some of the things you’ll see in the brand new video by the cool Uptown XO called “Needs & Wants”, where one can examine from afar the needs and wants of a loving couple who aren’t sure what’s right or wrong, or what’s best, all backed by a nice song to make you think. NOTE: There’s footage of a rubber tire in this one.

VIDEO: Uptown XO’s “Spread Love”

Can you create the majority of a music video inside of a car? It seems Uptown XO was down for the challenge and has succeeded with his new one, “Spread Love”. There are more scenes than interior car shots, of course, but the feel of the song may make you forget what you’re looking at for a quick moment.

VIDEO: Uptown XO’s “Flowers”

Why does he have to carry a gun, or is he carrying a gun because he doesn’t want anyone to steal the winter gear he’s wearing? These are question I may or may not ask myself, and I do so when watching this new video by Uptown XO, who offers some “Flowers” for the ceremony of the unknown.

The track, with its cleverly sliced Eddie Bo sample, comes from his street album The Color Grey, but a new album-type project is just around the corner. Praise how good this is, then save praise for another.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Uptown XO’s “The Color Grey”

Talk about Uptown XO‘s mixtape had been happening before it surfaced, but now that it surfaced, people will now have to listen and
let it simmer. You can do that right now as the 12-track The Color Grey is ready, courtesy of Mello Music Group. (If the Bandcamp player is not showing below, you may also click here.

VIDEO: Uptown XO’s “Good Vibes”

New vibings, new coincidings. What this means is new videos, and/or video, as in “singular”. You may know Uptown XO as a member of Diamond District, and two weeks ago I presented to you a video by him called “Occupy DC”. It seems there is an agenda here: he’s trying to occupy your mind as a means for you to get to know him and his music well. Now he wants to share some “Good Vibes” your way, so take it in, puff and pass, as they say.

VIDEO: Uptown XO’s “Occupy DC”

You may know him from Diamond District, but Uptown XO is going out on his own for this one, a song where he asks “what if knowledge were dangerous?” The truth is that knowledge IS dangerous and has been for years, it’s the powers that be who are making an effort to take away any sense of knowledge or self-awareness in order to dumb down a generation for their own selfish benefits. This is exactly the point Uptown XO gets across, going back to an early 70’s blacksploitation vibe in order to show that then, like now, it’s all about the struggle to stay sane in order to retain that knowledge in order to pass it on to the next generation. From that begat hip-hop, with a video directed by Ralph Lorenzo that fits the mood of the song brilliantly.

Uptown XO’s mixtape, Monumental 2, is available for free from Bandcamp via Mello Music Group.