COVERED: Velvet Underground vs. John Németh

The secret Andy Warhol banana has been honored again with a new homage courtesy of blues artist John Németh. Of course, The Velvet Underground & Nico album honored its 50th anniversary this year and Németh has done his version of the cover with a pink-ish pickle for the album Feelin’ Freaky but my thought was didn’t Kosha Dillz do a regular green pickle recently and that wasn’t meant to be an inquiry, it was my way of saying someone else already did the pickle idea. Yet Németh might say “oh, but it’s a pink-ish pickle.” Aaah.

(John Németh’s Feelin’ Freaky will be released on May 19th, you may pre-order it below via

COVERED: The Velvet Underground & Nico vs. Kosha Dillz

COVERED: VU vs. Kosha Dillz photo COVERED_VUKosha_zpshomztauh.jpg
We all know about the 1967 album by Velvet Underground, we all know about Nico, some of us may hum “Femme Fatale” or “Venus In Furs” on a regular basis. We know about the album cover Andy Warhol put together, we know what happens when we peel the banana if the cover has the sticker.

What you don’t know about is the new album from rapper Kosha Dillz. I’ve been eyeing this album cover for a few months, knowing the influence and waiting for the right time to post it, meaning “when the album is released. I’ll create a Covered page for it.” It is time. Kosha’s new album is called What I Do All Day & Pickle, a play in words in every sense and is the music as clever? If you know about Kosha Dillz, it has to be so get the album and listen while you chilsnoi on the dillznoi.

SOME STUFFS: A cherished Velvet Underground album gets the Super Deluxe treatment

 photo VUWLWHdeluxe-cover_zps01b48a58.jpg
You see the cover, I don’t have to tell you any more than that.

Well, I do, as this is meant to be a lure to get you to buy this. It is a Universal Super Deluxe Edition of Velvet Underground’s classic 1968 album White Light/White Heat originally released on Verve Records, and it’s not a 2CD set, but a 3CD collection. It was put together as a means to honor its 45th anniversary, and will be released on December 2nd, just in time for the holiday season. While it is the band’s first true VU album (i.e. without Nico), it was also the last to feature John Cale.

As the theory goes, Velvet Underground were not massive sellers by any means but everyone who bought their album moved on to form a band or became a musician or singer. That’s the influence of a group whose ripple effect is far more massive than they were, and yet because of that, their music remains massive and massive sounding.

The Super Deluxe Edition will feature both the mono and stereo mixes of the album, everything remastered. Then there are the previously unreleased goodies, which include vocal (!!!) and instrumental mixes of “The Gift”, both in mono. There’s also the original mono 45 mixes of “White Light/White Heat” and “Here She Comes Now”. Songs recorded during the sessions but had been unused include “I heard Her Call My Name”, “Beginning To See The Light”, “Stephanie Says”, “Guess I’m Falling In Love”, Temptation Inside Your Heart”, and “Hey Mr. Rain”, some being alternate takes or early versions, most in brand new mixes. On top of that, there’s disc 3, featuring the band’s live recording at The Gymnasium in New York City from April 30, 1967, taken from Cale’s only existing copy. Only two songs from this show had been released before, but the tape features performances of “The Gift”, “I’m Not A Young Man Anymore,” “I’m Waiting For The Man,” “Run Run Run,” and “Sister Ray”. Want more? The 3CD set will also feature liner notes from David Fricke.

 photo VUBookerT_Flexi_zpsf91f46e9.jpg
For those who pre-order it now, a limited edition white flexi-disc featuring VU’s live performance of “Booker T” from the Gymnasium show will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.

You may pre-order the Super Deluxe Edition of White Light/White Heat here.

VIDEO: John Cale’s “Face To The Sky”

John Cale may not be the first name you think of when it comes to people making new music, but when it’s seen, it comes as a pleasant surprise. Here is the Velvet Underground man taking things in a slightly new way in “Face To The Sky”. What’s new about it? It’s dance pop, but done in an adventurous way, the only way Cale could do it, and it works. The song is from Cale’s forthcoming Double Six/Domino album called Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood, due out October 2nd.

Cale will be on tour through the new year, which includes a string of shows in New York City that will include a tribute to Nico, and two shows dedicated to his Paris 1919 album, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. See him if you can, or make the effort to do so:

September 21 – Chicago, IL @ Riverfront Theatre [Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements]
October 3 – Dublin, IE @ Button Factory
October 5 – Edinburgh, UK @ HMV Piture House
October 6 – Manchester, UK @ Ritz Manchester
October 7 – Cardiff, UK @ Coal Exchange
October 11 – Digbeth, UK @ HMV Institute
October 13 – London, UK @ Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre
October 14 – Cologne, DE @ Gloria-Theater
October 16 – Berlin, DE @ Passionskirche Kreuzberg
October 18 – Munich, DE @ Freiheiz
October 19 – Basel, Switzerland @ Reithalle
October 21 – Esch Sur Alzette, LU @ Rockhal
October 22 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
October 23 – Hamburg, DE @ Kampnagel

January 16, 2013 – Brooklyn, NY @ BAM [Life Along The Borderline – tribute to NICO]
January 18, 2013 – Brooklyn, NY @ BAM [When Past & Future Collide: Paris 1919]
January 19, 2013 – Brooklyn, NY @ BAM [When Past & Future Collide: Paris 1919]

RECORD CRACK: Velvet Underground fans get a new 6LP box set

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Sundazed Records are at it again with a new Velvet Underground package, and this one is huge, literally. The Quine Tapes, mastered from the source tapes by Bob Irwin, is a 6LP box set, all with two LP’s packaged in individual gatefold covers, along with poster and handbill inserts, rare photos, liner notes by Davie Fricke, all packaged in a nice white box. The performances on the album are from 1969 and feature what is considered to be “the last Velvet Underground lineup”.

Sundazed say that it’s not a limited edition box, but they’re certain the first pressing will be sold out immediately. To order, head over to Sundazed.

SOME STUFFS: Sundazed releases new Velvet Underground 7″ 45 box set

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Singles 1966-1969 is a forthcoming Velvet Underground box set featuring seven 7″ 45’s, packaged in reproductions of the inner sleeves, and includes liner notes, rare photos, and more.

Velvet Underground were considered band who may have not sold over 5000 copies of anything initially, but managed to influence 5000+ bands to create their own sonic legacies. It may be also hard to imagine that the VU were pushed as a hit-making group by releasing singles, usually reserved for artists who could produce hits. But 45’s were a means of promotion just like any other, so while most of those 5000+ bands bought VU in LP form, others discovered them in the 45rpm format, and this is a nice tribute to that, and of course it will become a nice collectible to boot.

Four of the records inside were released as singles, two were scheduled but canceled, and there is also a radio spot 45 too. Radio spots are small commercial ads that radio stations were to play inbetween other records. Some of these radio spots are of value to collector’s of the artists being promoted, and again it’s safe to say these radio spots didn’t help one bit, otherwise we would be celebrating VU on a much grander scale. Nonetheless, this seven 7″ 45 box set is a celebration of a certain scale, and it will look good to see VU spinning @ 45rpm.