REVIEW: Venomous2000 & Kingshon’s “Still Connected”

Photobucket Venomous2000 has a brand new album in 2012 called Still Connected, which teams him up with produycer Kingshon to create a project that, as he says in the opening track, is a mission to help in the mission to save hip-hop, and the kind of music offered here will definitely be an inspiration for those who wish to fight the dope fight.

For those who want to hear a hip-hop album with top notch production, check out what Kingshon does here with the range of sample he chooses and what he does with them. You’ll hear a number of familiar sounds, but what I like is that with the tools of the trade and the ingredients to create, he adds something of himself into each of these tracks. It’s not lazy production, far from it, and I found myself concentrating on his tracks on the same level as the production greats.

As for Venomous2000, he has a charisma that doesn’t sound fake or forced, it sounds quite natural and it’ll make you want to hear each of the 16 songs featured on Still Connected. Maybe that comes from being East Coast and representing New Jersey, or simply choosing to keep to the (sometimes) unspoken honor system that genuinely becomes a state of mind and how you do things. How does he do things? Listen to “God’s Prison”, “Searching”, “Step 1, Rock 2”, and “Stress Relief”, which aren’t only songs but may come off to some as important and encouraging listens, teaching listeners that they’re not alone and dealing with the various things in our lives that tend to grind us down.

Smart/intelligent, exceptional, and maybe for some, life-affirming. Naysayers might read that and go “wow, that’s the recipe for corny” but I would say listen to it first before you throw out verbal vegetables. This is a powerful and positive hip-hop album that you will want to recommend to a lot of people, and you’re not going to be ashamed to say you’re a fan.

VIDEO: Venomous2000’s “Where Ya At (Machinist Remix)”

When I hear the jazzy sample that runs through it, I immediately think of the great music of the past. Its use may or may not be a way to tie in those good vibes and struggles of the past to show that while there are hard times today and ahead of us, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate positive vibes.

Either that, or sampling funky shit is just a means of celebrating funky shit.

The video is fairly simple: a walk through a parking lot leads to one wanting to just listen to some music in serenity, and in this case it could be a forest, a means of open land, might be down the street from where this guy lives. But it it’s a good way to regroup and move on, and allow you to figure out, once again, “Where Ya At”.

You can find the track on Venomous2000‘s compilation found on Bandcamp called A Moment To Reflect Volume II.

VIDEO: Venomous2000 with DJ Priority’s “Drop Of Venom”

This video is hot, and not because there are candles and references to stoves in the video. It’s hot because the track is hot, and it comes from an MC who goes by the name of Venomous2000, and like his name, he’s about to attack if you don’t watch your hands. He’s biting deep with a track called “Drop Of Venom”, which is a song from his forthcoming album A Moment To Reflect II.

Want another reason to watch this video, and more importantly why I think it’s hot? He directed the video himself, and it seems that even if the music doesn’t work out for him, he has a backup plan. As I’ve said when I made music and writing a priority, why not do two or more things at once? If you like what you hear, have him drop a few rhymes on your project. If you like what you see, hire him for a photo or video shoot.