FREE MP3 DL: Vee Miyagi’s “Say No More”

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It’s one thing for a rapper to say “I put faith in the people I’m entering the studio with”, but to take on more responsibilities is another, even better than you can do the job. This is what Vee Miyagi has done when he recorded and engineered his latest project, which he’s calling Say No More. It is his new street album and he’d like for you to get familiar with it and him. Stream it and find out, then download it, no charge to you.

FREE MP3 DL: Vee Miyagi featuring Chuck Li’s “Wounds”

With luck, you will know by now that VTheGr8 is now calling himself Vee Miyagi. If you didn’t but had wondered when VTheGr8 was going to release new music, now you now. He returns in 2014 in a song produced by Kanabo and featuring Chuck Li in the third version. They’re calling this one “Wounds”, with a very nice abstract feel from Vee that will make people stop and think about what they just heard.

FREE MP3 DL: Vee Miyagi featuring Sydney Jay “Show Me Something”

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You best bet that Vee Miyagi is equipped to get his music to not only you, the block, his neighborhood, his city, state, the country, and the continent, but he could bring it worldwide. “Show Me Something” is the Koen-produced track he is wanting you to check out, which features Sydney Jay to make it complete. Well, the one thing that would seal the deal is you listening and downloading it, then spreading the word about how it moves you. Do so today.

FREE MP3 DL: Tre Capital featuring Vee Miyagi and Brandon Bars’ “Countach”

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I don’t know.

What I do know is “Countach” is a new song from Tee Capital, a Cali rapper who is pushing himself to make himself known, and he’s doing so with help from Vee Miyagi (formerly VTheGr8) and Brandon Bars. Producer Thompson aided in the assembly of this, and now you can listen to it.

FREE MP3 DL: Vee Miyagi featuring Adot’s “Garbage”

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You may have heard some songs by VTheGr8 and if you liked them, he has decided to have a name change. Wax off VTheGr8 and wax on Vee Miyagi. He is introducing his new moniker in a track produced by Kanabo called “Garbage”, which they and this is not. Part of that “they” includes Adot, so join them with this nice track. As the cover states, Press Start.

AUDIO: VTheGr8’s “5am In Chicago”

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Going to be honest here, I didn’t know this song was meant to be a remake of sorts. I don’t listen to Drake, but he made a song called “5am In Toronto”. What VTheGr8 decided to do was find an instrumental and located one, as created by humanACOUSTICS. What we have is V’s take called “5am In Chicago”, so whether you’re about to watch the sunrise or heading out for a casual walk, this is what it may be like for him and others in Chitown.

FREE MP3 DL: JB The First’s “Half Way Home”

JB The First photo JBhwh_cover_zps057c9408.jpg
The most important part of any journey is beginning. Now, JB The First says with his new street album that he is Half Way Home, 11 tracks running a little over 33 minutes. With him being only 21, I hope this isn’t the halfway mark in his life and career, but maybe there is a message involved. Find out by streaming and listening and if you enjoy the music provided, you can download the full album for free by finding the link on the Soundcloud page.

REVIEW: VTheGr8’s “The Pre-V Mixtape 2.0”

VTheGr8 photo VTheGr8_cover_zpsb0765ec6.jpg VTheGr8 has been dropping a string of songs in the last few months, and this has lead to the release of a street album called The Pre-V Mixtape 2.0, a title which (to me) suggests that something greater is just around the corner. However, this street album is done with the same consistency he has demonstrated in the songs he has dropped, and now this accumulated batch shows the kind of flows, styles, and songwriting capabilities he has. Even though hip-hop can sometimes be an ego fest, VTheGr8 plays with the idea of what fame can bring but understands that if it comes, it comes. It’s not a display of “I got this and that, and look at me because you don’t”, although he has the capabilities of going that route. There is a sense of confidence that I can hear from him, and that’s not to say he doesn’t show and prove, for he does. Yet this is someone who is establishing himself as a rapper/artist and while he may be waiting for an official album to validate him, I feel he already has what it takes to reach the level above the next level.