VIDEO: Vursatyl’s “I Got It”

Portland rapper Vursatyl is still doing his thing this year after the release of his BBE Music album Crooked Straights. Didn’t know he had something new out? Now you know and you can get yourself familiar with the newness by checking out “I Got It”, which will eventually mean you got it too. Hi-Res produced this one for him and someone else did something for Vursatyl too: DJ Spinna. Yes, he has done a remix of the song, which you can listen to below.

VIDEO: Vursatyl featuring Dion’s “Super”

Rapper Vursatyle continues to show why he is so versatile, which has to do with writing well and saying so with clarity. He had been doing this as a member of Portland’s great hip-hop group Lifesavas but now he’s going on a solo route and hopes more people will follow him for his musical ride. He’ll be releasing an album soon called Crooked Straights, out on May 11th via Bearly Breaking Even (BBE).


VIDEO: Hot16 featuring Vursatyl’s “Turned Away”

Portland producer Hot16 has released an EP called 1983 (Liquid Beat), which may refer to an era in hip-hop, a means of inspiration, or a way to look back so one can properly look forward. I think after hearing the EP itself, it’ll be realized it’s a combination of all three, and then some. He looked into his hometown to find Lifesavas MC Vursatyl to assist in in the extra nice “Turned Away”.