AUDIO: Inner Loop’s “Silk Road” (stream full album)

J Scrilla, Casito and Grussle are back together as Inner Loop and they’ve just released a new album called Silk Road. It is an ensemble featuring a number of guests, including Lyriciss, Wais P, G-Two, Kingpen Slim, and many more. You can stream the album above or if you’d like to know how one of the songs transforms into a visual medium, check out the video below for “Sugarcrisp”, which has nothing to do with breakfast cereal. Silk Road will be out next week Tuesday (November 25th.)


AUDIO: Shabaam Sahdeeq featuring Wais P & Sha Stimuli’s “That Dope”

We’re only 12 days away from the release from a new album by Shabaam Sahdeeq and not only that, this new one will have twenty-three new songs on it. 23, or 20 plus 3 digital-only bonus cuts. Here’s a track that will be on the album proper, produced by DJ Skizz and featuring Wais P and Sta Stimuli, taking a nice nick from Nas’ “Street Dreams”. Which mix of “Street Dreams”? Play it and find out. The album, Keepers Of The Lost Art, is ready for April 22nd release.

VIDEO: Wais P featuring Mike Maven’s “G-Dep Locked In”

While this video is censored, there’s still a lot of imagery going on that may make a few people go “oh my gosh dern, oh my gosh dern”. It’s the new one by Wais P, and he has Mike Maven helping him out in “G-Dep Locked In”, and the song is damn good. The video has a few titillating shots of women dancing and grinding on each other, and while it is meant to be the clean version, the lyrics are not. Also, the video is not 100% clean so you have been warned.

If you wish to view the uncensored version, click here.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Wais P rhymes over unfinished DJ Premier instrumentals for new project

You gotta have a lot of balls to take someone else’s tracks and say “hey, I want to make some music for you, check it out.” However, when these original instrumentals were unused, one might say “it’s fair game, I’m going to try to see the potential in this.” Wais P did just that with his Premo Pimpin’ mixtape, where he rhymes over tracks produced by the legendary DJ Premier. Each one was sourced from the Beats That Collected Dust (Volume 2) which, as the name states, consisted of material Premier produced but remained unfinished. If anything, it shows that most of Premier’s discarded songs are treasures, and when you have someone like Wais P who can be trusted in making these tracks, why not give it a shot?

Plus, it’s free. Wais P – Premo Pimpin’ (Mixtape) by Diamond Media 360