RECORD CRACK: A 5LP Wehrmacht box set is on its way

 photo Wehrmacht_cover_zpsbca4a331.jpg
While this Portland speed metal band only recorded two proper albums in their existence, and the group have reunited for a few tours, it’s safe to say that even the guys in Wehrmacht never dreamed that 29 years after the fact, there is still interest for their music. There is a strong interest for what they’ve done, and this is the proof: a box set called The Complete Beer Soaked Collection 1985/1989 released by FOAD Records. The box features the two albums originally released on New Renaissance Records in the late 80’s, the almighty Shark Attack and the great Bierm├Ącht. On top of that, the box will also feature Live At Pine St. Theater Portland, OR Jan. 31st, 1986 and two demos, all of which appeared on the CD box set released by F.O.A.D. four years ago. In addition, this new box will also feature 2CD’s plus a book. The recordings all come from the best sources available, with help from the band themselves so this will definitely be a box worth keeping. Stay tuned for proper release date.

RECORD CRACK: Wehrmacht, Disintegration united in new 7″

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On one side you have one of the best metal bands to come from the Pacific Northwest, Portland’s Wehrmacht. On the other side you have Australia’s Disintegration. Their love of music, metal, and drinking have united them to team up for a split 7″ single called Stolen Thoughts. More news as it unfolds.