SOME STUFFS: What’s up? Say wassup to What’s Up!

Is it a pool party, or just three guys who want to mess up your head with good sounds? This is What’s Up, a group featuring Robby Moncrieff, Brian Marshall and Teddy Briggs who are described as having long-term goal spans beyond boundaries typically associated with a rock and roll music group. An interest in remixing and rewriting, as well as recording (and rerecording), has forced What’s Up to become multi-faceted, serving not only as the title of the ‘rock group,’ but as a production entity.

They started in Sacramento, California but now call PDX (that’s Portland, Oregon for you non-Pacific Northwesterners) home, and want to be able to present a sound that is as unpredictable as anything anyone has ever heard. Their debut record, Content Imagination, is scheduled for release on May 19th through Obey Your Brain (the LP can be pre-ordered through CD Universe), and you can take a preview of the album by downloading for free a song they call “Harper” (7.6mb).

If you are in the Portland area at the end of June, What’s Up will be performing at this year’s Superfest.