FREE DL: Willie Green featuring Angi3 & BS’ “Fast Lane”

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Willie Green will be working with Fake Four Inc. for his forthcoming album We Live In The Future, and on March 20th you will be able to hear the latest project from one of the best producers out there today. Check out what he has been up to as of late with “Fast Late”, featuring Angi3 and BS.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Willie Green’s “Days Of Future Past” (street album)

Willie Green
“Breathe deep…”

No, this is not a reference to The Moody Blues album, but Days of Future Past is a brand new product from Willie Green, and this one is packed with some nice tracks and beat excursions, a total of 38 songs in total. Whether it’s a view of tracks featuring other rappers or explorations of his beat genius, this is one that serves as a decent street or beat album, but also as a “resume tape” of sorts, including a few gems you might be familiar with, including the great “Diary Of A Dreamer” featuring PremRock.

It’s free for the taking, so stream and listen if you like, and if you really like, download it in the format of your choice.

REVIEW: Corina Corina’s “The Eargasm”

Corina Corina The debut album from Corina Corina is here, and if her single tracks were a mere hint of what she was capable of as an artist, wait until you hear this full project.

The Eargasm begins with “The Familiar” where she talks about placing a tattoo of California on her right wrist so she will not forget where she came from. By establishing her roots, we are allowed to here what inspired here and and what she plans on doing. “The Good Life” is a hint of the next level, and what I like about this track is that she sings over a soulful electronic vibe, and yet she sounds like she would be comfortable in rock or even country. “Love Love Love” has her rattling off the things she has admiration from, and that no matter what she loves, she will remain herself.

“Royalty” has her singing away from electronic beats and samples, and is just her with piano accompaniment, and this one shows Corina Corina has someone who is able to bring in people with the kind of emotional impact she provides. “OD Love” sounds like a cross between dubstep and dancehall, and I love how she bounces back and forth between singing in a falsetto and spoken word, it just pops the song off right and it works for her beautifully.

The album ends with a cover of D’Angelo’s “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine”, featuring her and an acoustic guitarist. Simplifying the song to its bare essence works for her, and ending the album in this way is the perfect way for her to say “this has been my show, I hope you will come back once again very soon.”

I love the production done by Willie Green for this project, I would love for Corina Corina to work with more collaborators and producers in order to bring out more of the moments that I am catching here, but not in full. She does a great job in doing her electronic style, but there are qualities in her voice that show so much more and I’d like for her to incorporate more of that into what she does. In other words, don’t get rid of what she has offered, but bring out some of the qualities that are being taken for granted. Don’t overlook all that is there, because I hear it. As it stands, The Eargasm is quite pleasing to the ear and I hope she will continue to stimulate our minds and hearts with the voice that she has. I look forward to the possible “afterglow”.

REVIEW: PremRock’s “Mark’s Wild Years”

PremRock PremRock‘s Mark’s Wild Years is an album that takes the music of Tom Waits and chops it up in hip-hop form to create a set of songs that unite both styles in the most perfect way. Just as Waits’ music touches on the fabric of America, PremRock uses his style to tell stories in a fashion that is made more effective with the backdrop of Waits. Some of the tracks utilizes the stories of Waits while others are of PremRock’s own doing, but each talk about the struggles of life, the complexities of being and in truth are the perfect display of modern storytelling done in the best and most effective way: through music.

By the time the album reaches the end, you feel like you fully understand where PremRock is coming from, or at least fully understand a chapter or two from his songbook and what he meant to express to you for this project. What moved me the most is that this is storytelling, not bullshit words over bullshit music, this is part of a template that was once treated with respect. Allow me to let you know why this template is one that still works, and why in a better world, this would be a great example of how to do hip-hop in a proper fashion.

VIDEO: Corina Corina’s “The Familiar”

A Ouija board is not able to truly predict ones future, at least not to everyone’s satisfaction, and who really knows if crystal balls truly work. What you need to do is to put yourself in action, get moving, and find a way to achieve your goals and dreams, and it seems Corina Corina is ready to do so.

Now she’s ready to release an album called The Eargasm, and this is her first video from it, a song produced by Willie Green. It is “The Familiar”, which can mean a number of things but by seeing the title, it’s also a way to say get familiar with Corina Corina. I posted the song four months ago, so if you became a fan after taking a listen, check out how she represents herself in video form and wait to see what happens next.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Corina Corina’s “The Familiar”

Producer Willie Green has been creating some incredible tracks, mixing it up between hip-hop and instrumental electronic landscapes. Now he’s revealing something and someone new, at least to some people. It may come as a surprise for fans of Green’s work, but then again, it’s all a part of making music and sharing one’s appreciation for it.

Introducing Corina Corina. Her Bandcamp page shows some of the songs she has done background vocals for, but consider this her formal introduction, and what a way to do it. “The Familiar” is a phase that might suggest “oh, this sounds like something I heard before. But within that word “familiar” is also the word “familia”, and thus “family”. Within families are an exchange of stories and experiences that can hopefully be passed on from one to the other, and continue the fabric of life that is family and unity. Whether it’s a habitual family, a close circle of friends, or the community of musicians, singers, and creatives, Corina Corina is someone who wishes to light the spark of the telling of her story by sharing her story in “The Familiar”. While many artists have done the autobiographical thing with mixed results, Corina Corina does it quite well because it sounds honest and genuine, without it sounding like an advertising pitch. It’s her from the mind to the pen (or computer screen) to the microphone to the ears outside of the recording process, and… perhaps her story is indeed familiar to you? Welcome her, and if this is to your liking, then indeed get familiar. She has a full-length album due out very soon called The Eargasm, and like Johnnie Taylor who released an album with a very familiar-sounding title back in 1976, you may find yourself moving her music in and out of your mind, and that’s a good thing.

FREE DOWNLOAD: PremRock & Willie Green featuring Has-Lo’s “Radio Dial (Blockhead Remix)”

Damn, a new album from these guys already? I’m quite happy, because PremRock and Willie Green work great together and individually, so now fans will be able to check out PremRock & Willie Green: Reassembled, and for now you’ll be able to download this track for a limited time.

While you’re at it, if you’re heading to this year’s SXSW, take some time to check these guys out when they perform.

VIDEO: PremRock & Willie Green featuring Open Mike Eagle’s “Jogger”

Now this is what a quality hip-hop music video is about: people just hanging out, you rap into the air and you see a jogger because she may look fine, and actually say hello. Yes.

This is “Jogger”, a song by PremRock & Willie Green, and this track features Open Mic Eagle hanging out at the park as PremRock focuses on a particular lady running. (Willie Green lurks within the clip too, keep an eye out.)

(If you missed my review of PremRock & Willie Green’s album, click here.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Willie Green’s “Four Seasons – Winter (Movement 4)”

On the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere comes the long awaited final part of Willie Green‘s Four Seasons musical movements. It’s a 19 minute creation that will make fans of his quite happy, but does it sound like winter? It depends on how cold you are and where you’re at, but in truth, no. You might “chill” while listening to it, but like a burger from the #2 burger restaurant in the U.S., it’s never frozen. In other words, go download this and if you missed the other installments, click to Willie Green’s official Bandcamp page to get them all, along with a few other projects he has done recently.

Now that you have access to all four seasons, listen to them as one. Job well done.

REVIEW: PremRock & Willie Green’s self-titled album

Photobucket The cover consists of a wall outdoors with a hole looking at a street corner. Is it the perspective of someone looking from “the other side of the tracks”, and is the hole looking at the optimism of what’s beyond the walls, or a look at the street corner? Whatever it may or may not mean, it is a way to help move your mind and wonder “what lurks inside?”

The inside in question is a self-titled album by rapper PremRock and producer Willie Green, and outside of this being a showcase of their talents, what I’m finding on this album is that they explore various eras of hip-hop in their flows and production styles but without it being a retrospective project. These are new tracks and when you hear them, you may question why so many aren’t doing it this way. “Had To Be Me” features C-Rayz Walz and Soul Khan and DJ Addikt doing some scratches. Together they create something that would be perfect on an M.O.P album circa 1999 or 2001.

PremRock isn’t afraid to speak eloquently and more importantly, it doesn’t sound forced or as if he’s trying to cater. Within that eloquence are lyrics that are very personal, but he’s also someone willing to attack other MC’s for the sake of suPREMacy. When he’s laid back, he can put you in that laid back mood with a relaxing flow, but what compliments the flow are the lyrics that have nothing to do with brand names, fashion accessories, or an Amazon wish list.

If you check the archives of this very website, you know that I’m a Willie Green fan. His work on this album is of someone who truly loves his work, but with that love comes someone who truly listens for more than just break and sample potential. In “Move” there’s a loop that consists of nothing but “in room” dialogue, while “Kill Your Idols” has a few familiar sounds that could’ve been produced sometime in 1988. However, that hypnotizing boom in the background hits perfectly along with a ritual rhythm where you’re thinking “does this refer to Africa or Alabama?” (if you know your samples, you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to when hearing the song.)

One of the many standout lines on this album is “the sooner you kill your idols, the quicker you grow”, and that’s exactly what PremRock and Willie Green are doing here. It’s not forgetting the past, but both are saying you can’t rely on the past forever, nor should you. When you create music for yourself, and thus the future, you by default are taking what came before on your current musical journey, so that the “tribe vibe” that the Jungle Brothers once spoke about will be vibrant and not become a “dead genre”. PremRock and Willie Green are simply making music and together they create a very nice formula that I hope will continue for more projects, but it will also allow them to both do their own thing as they continue on their incredible musical and lyrical paths. In other words: a damn good album made by two people who use their intelligence to create music for those who truly love good hip-hop.