VIDEO: Wimps’ “Old Guy”

Director Marcy Stone-Francois helped to create a new one for Wimps in support of their album Suitcase (Kill Rock Stars). This one is called “Old Guy” and whether you are old, young, male or female, you can learn how to make this rock’n’roll for you and your inner self.

VIDEO: Wimps’ “Dump”

A lot of people want to do songs about the lavish homes they have, or allegedly have. Not many are willing to say they live in fairly crappy places, but the folks in Wimps aren’t afraid. The song is from Wimps’ new album on Kill Rock Stars released last Friday called Suitcase and even if the dump in question isn’t real, you can laugh along with them to this tune.

AUDIO: Wimps’ “Couches”

The masters of Wimps will be releasing an album next week Friday called Suitcase (Kill Rock Stars) and they are a major force to be reckoned with. Have a listen to their fierce ways with the almighty “Couches” and get to sitting or laying on one to get the full feel of the song. You can pre-order the album directly from or from by clicking the album cover below.