AUDIO: Win Win’s “After The Wait”

When you wait around for a long time, or are waiting for something, what happens afterwards? I don’t know if Win Win have the answers, but don’t have to wait around to hear the potential variables in the question just asked. This is a hot song that mixes up different pop styles, from the choral warmth of 1960’s vocal groups to the digital blaze of the 0’s and 1’s of the modern day. Slice it, and you will find yourself in your wounds.

The song is from their forthcoming Vice album Double Vision, scheduled for release on Octobet 16th.

VIDEO: WIN WIN featuring Spank Rock, Andrew W.K. & Matt Sweeney’s “Pop A Gumball”

Is their “music cinematic, psychedelic and dreamlike”? Which one is it, or can be be all? I speak of Win Win, and for this video… well, it seems someone noticed the model’s hard nipples in it first, and not the fact that Andrew W.K. is popping in and out of it, along with Spank Rock and Matt Sweeney.

So what is it: potential earworm, or hard nipples? Which one is it, or can it be both? Let it tingle in your mouth for a moment.