FREE DL: Wizdom “40 Bar Dash

This one will be up for a limited time but it comes from Seattle, courtesy of Wizdom and it takes J.I.D.’s “Never” and turns it into something new, forever. It’s called “40 Bar Dash”, which you can download for free while it’s up so get to it ASAP.

FREE DL: Wizdom’s “Therapy”

It has been awhile since we last heard some new music from Seattle’s Wizdom but he has returned in 2017 with something quite superfresh called “Therapy”, which came out today. He worked with producer Reminiss to put this together, not sure if there will be a bigger project or if this will simply be the start of a string of more material but nonetheless, noce to hear from the Wiz again.

FREE DL: Wizdom’s “Rec League”

Seattle MC Wizdom has a brand new track released today and his love of sports is strong. If you know about some of his posts on Twitter or Facebook, he is a Seattle fan from toe to neck and beyond and his sports appreciation within the 206 is stronger with his song “Rec League”, produced by Reminiss. Have a listen and if it’s to your liking, maybe you want to use it in mixes, podcasts, or radio shows, you can download it for free.

VIDEO: Wizdom featuring Grynch & Fearce Vill’s “My City’s Filthy

It’s getting a little colder up in the 206. For those who don’t know, that’s the primary area code for Seattle, and Wizdom has been doing his thing for a number of years and he wants to let you know why his city matters in “My City’s Filthy”. The song and video feature Grynch and Fearce Vill, put together by director Jeff Santos. The song is from Wizdom’s album The Next Step (my review of which can be read by clicking here) and yes, Macklemore makes an appearance before the first verse is dropped. If you know your way around Seattle, you’ll definitely love the paths everyone drives on in this.

SOME STUFFS: Seattle’s Grynch shines “Street Lights” on new recording
Grynch is back with an all new album, eleven new songs plus an remix and he’s calling it Street Lights. If you know how he is, you know the man is capable of dropping nicely in a manner that requires for you to listen, and then to listen to it a few times again. The new one features appearances from Slug of Atmosphere, Wizdom, Mario Sweet, Kokane, Bambu, and more, along with productions from Jake One, D-Sane, Justo (The Physics), BeanOne, and… just get the album and find out.

REVIEW: Wizdom’s “The Next Step”

 photo WizdomTNS_cover_zps642480fb.jpg The perspective of Seattle hip-hop seems to change every few years, or for the mainstream as a whole, maybe every twenty years. Ask anyone outside of the Pacific Northwest, and they’ll tell you Seattle hip-hop is Sir Mix-A-Lot and Macklemore, and nothing more. Ask anyone who has been in tap with the music, and they’ll tell you about everyone from Kid Sensation to Turntable Lab, Byrdie to Blue Scholars. Wizdom has always been there but you might not have been aware of it but like fellow 206 gents Jake Uno and Vitamin D, you should be, for he has been making music for almost ten years. As he says in “My City’s Filthy” (which brings in fellow Seattleites Grynch and Fearce Vill), “strength in numbers, homie”, and that’s a reference to not only Seattle’s hip-hop scene, but the sports community, restaurateurs, and anyone who is in the 206 to win. Where to go next? Wizdom let’s everyone know about the plan in the appropriately titled The Next Step (self-released).

While anyone can rap about the mission of rapping, Wizdom has always been someone who has rapped about life and how he wants to live it. It’s not about “this is the right thing to do”, it is about what he wants to do in the best way he knows how, one of the more admirable elements of his rapping style. He has no problem in telling everyone how he is a pro at what he does (“N64”) but there’s more to his lyrics and flow than just ego and presentation, you want to be impressed by someone who has the skills and knows it. He goes beyond that and says “I have you listening, let me lay a few things on you, I have a story to tell”, which is why you want to keep listening to Wizdom and buy one of his T-shirts. The Next Step is not only about the next, but what his mission has been about all this time, consider this a continuation of the path he started.

You can call this an EP or a short album, but The Next Step is eight songs of solid goodness from someone who has worked to make sure he is heard, giving you a reason to put his music on repeat. If you want some love hip-hop, you have “Forever”. You want something that could get a lot of airplay, listen to “No Good”. You just want some quality hip-hop, Wizdom is your man. The next step could be anything and anywhere, whether it’s finding himself in other tracks or having his career take off in a manner that will be a continuation of Seattle’s hip-hop diversity, to let people know the scene doesn’t begin and end with anyone specific. As he refers to The Roots in the title track, there is so much more and if that’s what you want, he’s more than happy to guide you in his direction.

(You may stream the album in full by heading to

AUDIO: Wizdom featuring Grynch & Fearce Vill’s “My City’s Filthy”
The main man known as Wizdom is back for 2014 with a powerful cut honoring the gritty side of Seattle not many outside of the Emerald City may know about. He brought in Grynch and Fearce Vill to let everyone know why “My City’s Filthy”, produced by D-Sane.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Wizdom featuring Stef Lang’s “Forever”

Sadly, I’m a big fan of this man’s work and I did not know he had a new track. Now it’ll look like I’m the slow poke on this one so I apologize for not posting this week, I was not aware of it until today. The “this man” in question is Seattle’s Wizdom, who is always doing some great work and for this one he utilized the talents of Nima Skeemz for production, went up the I-5 to find vocalist Stef Lang and now we have “Forever”. What I like about this track is that with Lang’s vocals, it can be more pop-friendly, which might help bring Wizdom to a wider audience. That in itself doesn’t take away what he has done in his career so far, so consider this a part of the ever-evolving musical puzzle that he provides.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Wizdom & Epidemmik featuring DJ Rise’s “Foot Soldier”

On his Facebook account, Wizdom was seen in a room full of sneakers and I was thinking “oh, what is this?” While I am not a shoe fan, I know many are and sometimes that comes from a connection with sports, especially basketball, and I know Wizdom is a B-ball fanatic. The photo seemed to hint of something to come, but then a bit of silence. Now I know what his presence in that room was about. He and Epidemmik have made some great music over the years, and now they present the video for “Foot Soldier”, which touches on a few pedestrian obsessions. DJ Rise is on the cuts for this and I’m sure you shoe fanatics will be drooling with this. The song is from their 2011 album Unearthed, now you can observe and listen to some realness.

BTW: if you like the song, it’s available as a free download.

REVIEW: Wizdom & Epidemmik’s “Unearthed”

Photobucket Wizdom and Epidemmik have not made a full project in a few years, but their Soul Of A Man was an album I really liked and I’m sure others had hoped they would eventually do something else. It hasn’t stopped Wizdom from making music as one of many great representatives of Seattle’s hip-hop scene, and pretty much everything this MC does is amazing. Yet when you become confident on an artist, you sometimes tend to put your mind on automatic, thinking “cool, I know I will remain a fan and will embrace anything they throw my way.” Then comes this.

Unearthed is an album (if you want to get technical, it could also be an EP or “mini-album”, as it clocks in at a little over 28 minutes) that shows why these two were great together in the first place, with Epidemmik’s production showing the type of excellence I wish other producers would make an attempt in trying to reach. As for Wizdom, he is someone who can rhyme in a number of ways, from being “street ready” to “party jams” and he will always take it to the level of no return, only to stop, turn around and make the listener feel like “no no no, I want more, I want more”. The term “patience comes to those who wait”, and Wizdom simply loves not only to rhyme, but is someone who loves wordplay and it shows. The song that did it for me was “Funnel Of Love”, which feels good and I caught myself really getting into it, but when you hear the last verse and the storyline finally reveals itself, I laughed. I’ve always liked when rappers are not afraid to be funny, as that link between lyricism/wordplay and humor is an important one. If hip-hop has been accused of taking itself too seriously, it’s nice to hear a song that doesn’t mind laughing at itself, and this works.

Unearthed shows someone who is confident in what he’s doing, with some of the doubts in life that simply comes from living. He’s also not ashamed of focusing on those trials and tribulations, or what success means, which sometimes has nothing to do with stepping up to the mic, as he shows in his latest music video.

Losing can sometimes mean winning, and losing something does not mean losing everything that makes you who you are. One can say that for Wizdom, perhaps losing the non-essential means shedding things of the past and unearthing a “new found confidence” as he says in the title track. It is perhaps a renewal of what has already been there, or discovering what you may have hidden yourself from. If that sounds deeper than what you’d expect from your everyday rhymer, then listen to Unearthed and listen to what Wizdom & Epidemmik have created as a nice way to end 2011 in style.