AUDIO: Codex of Plant Responses’ “Un Pirata Soy

A 64 minute mix on Mixcloud by Codex of Plant Responses has been made so if you’re looking for a wonderful blend of Latin music for your morning, noon, or late at night, this may be the one to check out. Here is the playlist:

Billo’s Caracas Boys – Cumbia Caletera (Nixtamal remix)
Red Astaire – NYC (Salsa Mix)
Daleduro—Bombon Asesino
La Mecánica Popular – La Paz Del Freak
Lagartijeando – Cardos Rodando
Afrosound – Sabor Navideño
Barrio Lindo – Libres
Chancha Via Circuito – Sueno en Paraguay
Pigmalião – En el Camino Para Zaña
Umoja – Rabia
Skip&Die – Mami Wata
Yeska Digital – Cumbia North ide
Super Guachin – Un Pirata Soy
Justo Betancourt – Pa’ Bravo Yo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! remix)
Nixtamal – Negra linda
Elegante & La Imperial – Puro Comer
Copia Doble Systema – Cumbia Colegiala (Maga Bo remix)
Acapulco Zombie – Honey
Silverio – Perro
Vanessinha Pikachu – Medley da Antiga

REVIEW: Tom Teasley’s “The Love Of The Nightingale”

 photo TomTeasley_cover_zps4721a772.jpg If you’re looking to travel around the world without leaving your easy chair, the easiest way to do it is with music and one person who will help you out is Tom Teasley. The Love Of The Nightingale (self-released) is said to be a “Greek/Balkan fantasy world” and he plays fifteen different instruments to get his point across, from the entrance of the marketplace to leaving on an ocean to find a new world and civilization. The world he creates is one from his own mind, but it sounds like it was played by five or more people, whether it’s something that is meant to sound sensuous to something that could be the origins of an evening party. The album shows the world as a beautiful place, despite what you read in the headlines and news.



 photo OOIOOGamel_cover_zpsbfde57f3.jpg When it comes to hearing an OOIOO album, you loosen the seat belt and comprehend what’s about to come through. When it comes to hearing a new OOIOO album, you get quite loose and be certain that there will be uncertainty. On Gamel (Thrill Jockey), the abrasive freakiness that was once a part of their being has been replaced somewhat by meditative chanting as if they decided to pray in Indonesia, enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoors, bring their guitars and have a festival musical and cultural orgy.

For the most part, this is not a rock album in a traditional sense. It’s cultural and ethereal, as if Yoshimi decided to open another door or two and immerse herself somewhere else to find a new joy and comfort. Is it meant to be a prayer of sort, or another freaky soundscape, as heard by unknown outsiders? It could be a bit of both but I’d like to think the foreignness of what may sound new could become familiar and thus a joy to the outsider who’ll find comfort inside.

The interesting about listening to this is that while there are some gaps of silence in between the songs, the entirety of Gamel sounds cohesive, as if it’s a Broadway or soundtrack album, or a concept album where you’re left trying to figure out what it all means. By the time some sense of rock finds its way into the mix with song #4 (“Gamel Ninna Yama”), it’s obvious that this is an all new world, but it’s an OOIOO world, and you can’t help but be delighted with it.

If you only knew of Yoshimi through her work with Boredoms, this new album by OOIOO is very much like the transformation she and Yamatsuka/Yamantaka Eye has gone through from wicked bursts of noise to exploratory beauty. The exploration she has made throughout her career continues here in this variation of OOIOO, and I can only imagine what their shows will be like for this album. I expect for them to be interactive with the audience for it.


VIDEO: Mister Shake’s “It’s On”

It begins with a combination of the tribal and the modern, African dance and singing moved around by those in neon makeup. Then you’ll hear a minimalist electronic pulse that carries everything through and you think of that link between the old and the new, the modern and true, and how that connection has always been there. It’s Mister Shake telling you that once again, “It’s On”, and maybe it has always been on. Feel the vibe and the pulse.


SOME STUFFS: Warren Cuccurullo worked with Ustad Sultan Khan on new album

 photo WarrenCKhan_old_zps28ed3966.jpg
You may be familiar with guitarist Warren Cuccurullo if you are a fan of Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, or Duran Duran. Ustad Sultan Khan should be known by fans of Indian classical music, for he is a master of the instrument known as sarangi. They collaborated on a project that has resulted in a full length album coming out through Six Degrees on July 22nd called The Master. It’s a project that originally began in 1998 and their collab worked, but was put to the side. Upon doing some research online in 2011, Cuccurullo discovered that Khan died, and he was determined to complete and release the project. The Master will feature not only distinct songs, but exotic suites, showing the essence of the original recordings along with what Cuccurullo did to insure it would appeal to those who will explore Khan’s legacy for the first time.

VIDEO: Pacifika’s “Yo Te Amo”

This video was released a month ago but if you haven’t heard of “Yo Te Amo” or the group behind the song, introduce yourself to Pacifika. The Vancouver, BC group consists of Silvana Kane (vocals), Adam Popowitz (guitar) and Toby Peter (bassist) have released a new album, their third, called Amor Planeta, and their collage of influences sounds like something more people need to be excited about it. Find out about that excitement by pressing play above.

VIDEO: Duina Del Mar featuring Cabas’ “Besarte La Boquita”

This sounds like a Spanish reggaeton version of Lorde’s “Royals”, but I don’t think it is. Sadly, I only know “restaurant Spanish” but I’m working on that slowly but surely, but do not reach this song in a slow fashion, get to it now. Duina Del Mar joined singer Cabas to create “Besarte La Boquita” and while it does sound like it was made in the shadow of “Royals”, let’s hope it will at least bring new listeners to their sound.

SOME STUFFS: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars have new album ready for March

 photo SierraLeone_cover_zpse1a8be77.jpg
Libation (Cumancha) is the brand new album by Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, which will be ready for North American release on March 18th. The group are ready to pass the cup to you for a sip of their libations with a listen to “Gbaenyama”, which you can download for free in the digital formats available, including FLAC lossless.