FREE MP3 DL: Serge Severe & Gen.Erik featuring DJ Total Eclipse’s “Giant”

The headlines will tell you that some people are having issues with Portland hip-hop, but the problems are being misfocused. If people would pay attention, they would understand how good the talent is and how it can be taken to the next level. Serge Severe and Gen.Erik understand this all too well and thus they merged together to great “Giant”, but they also bring in X-Ecutioners DJ Total Eclipse to raise things to a higher level. This is that level, step up to each one of them.

Serge will be going on tour with DJ Wels as part of the Welcome To Dillaville tour, which features Slum Village and Bizarre Ride Live, the latter featuring Slimkid3 (that’s Tre Hardson) and Fatlip (that’s Fatlip), formerly of The Pharcyde. Show up early.

May 4… Seattle, WA (The Crocodile)
May 5… Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theatre)
May 6… Eugene, OR (WOW Hall)
May 8… Oakland, CA (Yoshi’s)
May 9… Santa Cruz, CA (The Catalyst)
May 10… Fresno, CA (Strummer’s)
May 11… San Luis Obispo, CA (SLO Brew)
May 12… Los Angeles, CA (El Rey)
May 13… Santa Ana, CA (Observatory)
May 14… Las Vegas, NV (Insert Coin(s))

OBITUARY: r.i.p. Roc Raida

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One of my favorite DJ’s passed away today. Roc Raida, an original member of The X-Men/The X-Ecutioners, was reported to have not been feeling well due to a spinal injury. No word on official cause of death, but he influenced a world of people to look at their record players differently in the early 90’s, at a time when DJ’ing seemd archaic in hip-hop and turntablism was a term yet to be invented.