AUDIO: Diwon’s “Diwon’s Chanukah EP”

In the last week I’ve posted what I feel was a good share of Christmas related songs, but now I want to turn your scope towards Hanukkah. This is an EP by Diwon aptly titled Diwon’s Chanukah EP and it’s safe to say Hanukkah has never sounded as funky as this. Also helping out in these songs are Y-Love, Sarah Aroeste, Kosha Dillz, Cobe Jones, Yehuda Solomon, and Cobe. Listen, enjoy, and have a festive time.

FREE MP3 DL: Awkword featuring Akil & Y-Love’s “The People’s Champions – Part II”

 photo Awkword_cover_zpsca304ab5.jpg
Awkword hooked up with Akil and Y-Love, along with producer Trilian, to create something that is a sequel of sorts called “he People’s Champions – Part II”, so if you know who all of them are, you’re going to want to turn this up big time. The song is here as a free download, take advantage of it.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Hood Samaritan’s “Paris”
Hood Samaritan – “Paris” by Diamond Media 360
Diwon, Y-Love and Kyle Rapps have united as Hood Samaritan, and when they were at this year’s CMJ, they turned a lot of people on to the formula. Now that formula can be sampled by all with a forthcoming EP due out called Honey Dijon, and this is a first teaspoon from the jar.

REVIEW: Y-Love’s “See Me” (EP)

Photobucket The opening track is a great mixture of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and dancehall. I’m a fan of Y-Love but he just upped things with a song that opens fans to his world once again, one that speaks of culture, self, spirituality, and how this is unified through his music. See Me is a 6-song EP that is a way to get to know Y-Love a bit better if you haven’t before. The most surprising song is the title track, with the kind of hook that would be perfect for mainstream attention but when he opens up with a wide range of modern tech references, you realize it’s nothing more than a pathway towards the wisdom he has become to be known for.

As for his words, they are not heady nor do they pound people with the good word. Nonetheless, you can’t help but hear him and realize he’s all about the good of not just hip-hop, but life and of course himself. “All We Bring” and “This Is Unity” will be favored by fans of early 90’s hip-hop and those who want something a bit more on the eclectic side. It makes me wish more hip-hop was this daring and honest.

VIDEO: Y-Love’s “This Is Unity”

See Me is the name of Y-Love‘s brand new EP (out today), and don’t even dare call him a bitch. He’s Y-Love, and why Y-Love? Why not?

You’re probably thinking “I don’t even know who in the world this Y-Love cat is”, all I can say is get familiar. I’ve reviewed him before, and his new EP is a means to bring his music to awaiting fans and listeners who perhaps need some quality music to listen to in the world of muck. Y-Love is not that muck, but then it becomes clear (somewhat) on why he goes by the name Y-Love. Y-Love? Y-Love is all you need.

He is from the Shemspeed family of artists.