FREE DOWNLOAD: James Klynn & Yeek’s “Last Sunset”

James Klynn & Yeek
The description for this tracks goes a little something like “Yeek produced this track that blends together sounds that create this open mental space to just chill in. As your vibing to the music, James Klynn comes in and hits you with this delivery of mingled thoughts and intricate feelings. Short and sweet..” Sure, but does it work? I love the ethereal feel of the intro before the drums kick in at 0:48 and the vocals at 2:08. Yes, it takes the song going half way through before you hear its first word, but that works for me. This is thinking man’s hip-hop with the kind of production that is thought provoking, or at least you expect to hear something but you thirst for its grooves within the void, and realize there was never a void to begin with. Excellent song.