REVIEW: Congo Natty’s “Jungle Revolution”

 photo CongoNatty_cover_zpsd2c0288e.jpg Hearing about a release by Congo Natty, I wanted to check it out since I’m into a bit of jungle. Reading the bio, I was surprised to discover that this guy is someone I knew of in 1990 as Rebel MC, creator of the track “Rebel Music”. I knew Rebel MC had done one or two more songs before fading out of my scope. I had heard of Congo Natty before but was not aware that he and Rebel MC were one and the same, and on top of that, he has released music under a number of other names. This means I have a lot to catch up, but for now, my focus is on Congo Natty.

If you were a fan of the jungle movement from England in the mid to late 90’s, you’ll be happy to know that Congo Natty continues up with the vibe by pumping some incredible sounds that is sure to move dance floors and cause it to melt, including tracks like “UK Allstars” and “Get Ready”, with the kind of Daddy Freddy-style toasts that is sure to make everyone smile. “Revolution” is neck deep in the reggae dub stylee, where entering its mentality will lead to much deeper mentalities of the smokey variety. “Jah Warriors” has that jungle beat but also is a slight throw back to the days of hip-house, while keeping in hints of reggae and ska.

Essentially, Jungle Revolution (Big Dada) not only celebrates the majesty of jungle, but also the influence of the many offshoots and sub-genres England has helped to create in the last 25 years or so, where one style of music coming in helped to spawn 20, 40, or 200 others. Congo Natty has chosen to create this music under this moniker, but regardless of what name he uses, it is a part of the moving musical capsule that allows him to move forward with subtle hints of the past, along with powerful lyrical wisdom, in order to keep it going for the next generations,

SOME STUFFS: Monsters Of Rock Cruise: The Lost Weekend adds more artists to lineup

It seems music and cruises are becoming more united, but would you be willing to take a cruise to see and hear your favorite artists? Many are, and the celebrated Monsters Of Rock tour package is now becoming its own cruise. Monsters Of Rock Cruise: The Lost Weekend will be an event happening from March 16-20, 2013, where your voyage will begin from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and take you to CoCoCay and Nassua, Bahamas. Cruise packages begin at $899 per person (double occupancy), but check out all of the bands you’ll be able to see during the cruise:

Lita Ford
Great White
Dangerous Toys
L.A. Guns
Faster Pussycat
Lynch Mob
Enuff Z Nuff
Black ‘n Blue
London Quireboys
Femme Fatale
Ron Keel
Bang Tango
John Corabi
Rhino Bucket
Janet Share Roxy Gina (former members of Vixen)
Ted Poley
Heavy Mellow
The Atomic Punks

As you can see, a wealth of great hard rock and heavy metal bands from the 1980’s. Along with the bands playing, the cruise will have a lot of different events, some of them cool, and I’ll be honest, a few that are a bit corny. They include:
Shotgun Wedding Vow Renewal
Monster Passenger Talent Contests
’80s Hair Style Contest
Monsters Rock & Roll Prom 1987

If you or your partner are truly into the music and not into any games, TV talk show host Eddie Truck will be there to do a bit of Q&A with various artists so you can have some discussion about some metal history and knowledge.

In many ways, if hard rock and heavy metal is the music of your life and you grew up with this, plus made it a major part of your life, you’ll want to consider going to this Monsters Of Rock Cruise. It’s a music festival, a music conference, some game shows, and of course you’re able to take a time out from the metal mayhem and just enjoy the cruise, as many did when the inaugural one happened earlier this year.

Head to for more information.