VIDEO: The 1978ers’ “Far”

yU and Slimkat are The 1978ers and if you know that already, you can just click play on the above video. Now, if you knew who they are individually but didn’t know they are a group, you haven’t been on my site in awhile. Nonetheless, may “Far” be your first introduction to their musical union, which comes from their Mello Music Group album People Of Today. The album has been out for four months and still getting a nice amount of attention so if “Far” is your introduction, hear the album to get into what their mentality is about.


FREE DL: Diamond District’s “Erything (Diamond D Remix)”
If you have enjoyed Diamond District’s March On Washington as much as I have), then you are going to love this new remix of one of its songs. Getting a new revision is “Erything” and it’s done by none other than Diamond D. Yes, THAT Diamond D. It’s a free track, so stream and listen to preview, then obtain.


VIDEO: The 1978ers’ “Without A Clue”

yU and Slimkat, who are together as The 1978ers, have a new video for the song “Without A Clue”, which is not what they are doing but rather… no matter, this song is good and the video is a quality production. The song is from their Mello Music Group album People Of Today, released on November 11th.


VIDEO: Diamond District’s “A Part Of It All”.

If you haven’t heard Diamond District’s new album March To Washington (Mello Music Group) (my review of which can be read by clicking here), you need to pick this up pronto. It’s easily one of the best hip-hop albums of the year and if you need some proof, check out the video for “A Part Of It All”.


REVIEW: Diamond District’s “March On Washington”

 photo DiamondDistrict_cover_zps5c04cd07.jpg yU and Uptown XO have easily recorded one of the best albums of 2014, not just hip-hop but all genres, mainstream and otherwise. As Diamond District, their album March On Washington (Mello Music Group) is not only a catch title, by it’s also a plea for help in terms of how to better the state of hip-hop today, that is if you feel that the music is in dire need. What works for me is that yU and Uptown XO rap with messages (both direct and coded) that need to be heard and figured out, although they are easy to understand. It sounds playful and yet are serious at the same time, as it sounds like a classic hip-hop even though it’s only a few weeks old as I write this. If it’s not easy to figure out, maybe it’s for good reason. There was a time when hip-hop spoke in double talk or was done in a way to be heard by those it was directed to, not meant for outsiders or intruders. If the plea is not for help, perhaps the plea is merely a need to be heard and celebrated as it used to be. The production by Oddisee is sharp and he easily places himself alongside the likes of 9th Wonder, Large Professor, and Madlib, choose any song on this album you’ll hear it. When it comes time to evaluate some of the best hip-hop of the decade of the 10’s, March On Washington should be placed on all lists.


FREE DL: The 1978ers’ “P.O.T.” E.P.

 photo The1978ers_old2_zps157a3034.jpg
yU & Slimkat have some new music they want to share with you as the duo The 1978ers. This one is called P.O.T., released today, and they’ve released it as a free item for you to download. It’s a three part effort, so stream it to get a hit of what it’s about, then download it in full, free of charge. The EP is a preview of what’s to come on their forthcoming album, People Of Today (Mello Music Group).

SOME STUFFS: Diamond District’s album released today
March On Washington is the new album by Diamond District that was released today by Mello Music Group and if you want to give it a shot at first, the label has the album available in full via stream over at Bandcamp (as shown above). The product was produced and arranged by Oddisee, who has been… I was going to say “who has been active” but when is this guy not creating new music? If you’re a fan of his, you are sure to love this new project too, and if you’re already a fan of both YU and Uptown X.O., this will be one of the best projects of the year for you. Let everyone else know how you feel.

VIDEO: Diamond District’s “First Step”

Directed by Jay Brown in Washington, DC, Uptown XO, Oddisee, and yU roamed around in their hometown as Diamond District to create the video for “First Step”, to show how they will do all methods initially before progressing into the next step in anything. The album from the trio, March On Washington, will be out on October 14th which you can pre-order on vinyl below (in the middle) via Amazon, along with the MP3’s (on the left) and CD (on the right).