FREE MP3 DL: Liz’s “Just Like You” (EP)

MTV News called the music of Liz “Sailor Moon R&B”, which made me ask myself “what the fuck does that mean?”. As I’ve said in the last year, Liz has a nice voice that appeals to me, and she does the kind of R&B that is reminiscent of the music that happened in the mid to late 1990’s, which I’m sure will be part of her appeal but I can see her taking a few unexpected turns in the years to come. In this year that is here, she has released a 7-song EP called Just Like You, and I already want an album or two from her.

AUDIO: Liz’s “Do I Like U”

Yung Oji, r.i.c. volta and Swørd are not a new law firm that you really want to call just to prank them, but are a collection of producers responsible to the creation of the new song by Liz that will appear on her new EP that will be out on Thursday called… phew, that’s a run-on sentence, isn’t it? Let me take a textual break.


Ready to start again? Okay.

Liz’s new EP due out this Tuesday will be called Just Like U (Jeffree’s), and “Do I Like U” is one of its selections. You may listen to it at this time.