VIDEO: Yves’ “Juice”

The only bad thing about this new video by Yves is that the audio is mixed with brickwall limiting, and I think that’s absolutely horrible. If a person is there to watch, you don’t have to blast it that loud for anyone to hear. Outside of that, Yves shows what it means to honor the neighborbood, his family and friends, and the characters abound, which is why he calls it “Juice” and like Rakim, he got enough to go around.

AUDIO: Yves’ “Blur”

Five days from the release of Yves’ new EP Sincerely, Yves, and with as many people coming out with new music on a regular basis, you may want to know what will make this worth listening to. He has an edginess that I like, and it’s the type that I want to hear more of because he doesn’t sound like everyone else.