FREE MP3 DL: “An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space”

If you read the title and know what Pepperland refers to, then you know it most likely has to do with The Beatles, and it does. Now you look at the graphic and are saying “but wait, I see Ol’ Dirty Bastard here. What’s going on?” In this case, it’s a remix project where Beatles samples were used to create new instrumentals for hip-hop songs. Look at all of the people who are on it, it’s insane. Here’s the track listing:
Part 1
Hello Hello – Edan
Mr Mustard – Big Daddy Kane
Second To None – Rakim
Taxman – The Notorius B.I.G.
Gentle Thief – Nas
Where I’m From – Large Professor
Country Grammar – Talib Kweli & Bun B
Parlay – J-Live
Twist – Salt-N-Pepper
Birthday Dedication – Busta Rhymes
Open Mic Session pt. 1 – Masta Ace, Percee P, Lord Finesse, Frankie Cutlass, Easy Mo Bee & KRS-One
Number Nine – YZ
Self Titled – Heltah Skeltah
Bang Bang – MOP
Pepper – Kool G Rap
Bring Your Friends – Public Enemy
Interlude / Bridge – MC Shan
Last Forever – Artifacts
For The Children – Freddie Foxxx
Ringo’s Big Beat Theme – Spoonie Gee
Hold Poppa’s Large Hand – Ultramagnetic MC’s
Open Mic Session pt. 2 – Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane & Rakim
The End – Run DMC & Afrika Bambaataa
Circles – Wu-Tang Clan
Brooklyn Walrus – Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Buckshot , Masta Ace & Special Ed
Part 2
Secrets – Slick Rick
Beneath The Diamond Sky – The Genius/GZA
Within Tomorrow – Busta Rhymes
The Beginning – Sunz Of Man
Gentle Drama – The RZA & Rugged Monk
Becausizm – KRS-One & Channel Live
Mary Jane – Tha Alkaholiks
Bong Water – Viktor Vaughn
Hold On
Love In Summertime – Ghostface Killah & Beyonce
And I Lover Her Crazy – Jay-Z & Beyonce
Ruffneck Soldier – MC Lyte
Hey! – Beastie Boys
Get Back To The City – Large Professor
Hard To Leave Home – Nas
The Flyest – AZ
And Who? – Heiroglyphics
Lonely Thoughts – The Notorious B.I.G.
Can You Dig It? – Gravediggaz
How To Smile – 2Pac & Scarface
A Day In New York – AZ, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah

Stream it in full above or if you just want to download it and carry it with you on your travels, head to

OBITUARY: hip-hop producer Tony D

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News out of Trenton, New Jersey last night states that Anthony “Tony” Depula, better known in hip-hop circles as producer Tony D. (a/k/a Harvee Wallbangar, died in a car accident on Saturday. He was 42 years old. According to an article at the Trenton Regional Times, witnesses say he lost control of his jeep at around 6pm, drove into a fence at a cemetery, leading to the jeep flipping over on the passenger side. The article goes on to say that neighbors in the area were trying to rescue him but were unable to do so because of his size. One witness indicated that it was ten minutes before police and rescue units were at the scene.

Tony D. was one of Trenton’s finest and started out as a DJ before becoming known known for his work with Poor Righteous Teachers, whose debut album Holy Intellect (Profile) he had a major hand in. Due to the success of the album, Profile gave him a production deal where he was able to record an album with his group, Crusaders For Real Hip Hop.

He continued to produce since the early 90’s but was unable to gain the attention he received with PRT. Depula would release compilations of the many artists he worked with over the years, including King Sun, The Outsidaz, and YZ and continued to be a part of the hip-hop scene in the Trenton area up until his death.

r.i.p. Tony D.