FREE MP3 DL: Serge Severe’s “New Generation

It has been awhile since Portland MC Serge Severe and producer Zapata worked together but they’re back once again with a new track for the “New Generation”. If you’ve been waiting for something new from them, this is not the only song they did togetheer. Let’s just say that more music from their current collaborations will be headed your way soon. Download this song, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Serge Severe’s “Seasons”

“Seasons” is the brand new Zapata-produced track from Serge Severe‘s next project, Silver Novelist, which will be released on July 30th. You can download the song for free right now via Soundcloud.

If hearing this will make you go “damn, I got to hear more from this kid from where?” Then I would say “Portland, Oregon”, and you would go “oh yeah, right on”, then I would lead you to the Bandcamp box below, where you’re able to pre-order the 6-song EP. (If you’re not seeing the player below, you may also click this link.)