SOME STUFFS: The Buggles go live in the age of digital

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Even though both Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes have played live countless times with the various projects they’ve worked with, including the brief time they were together with Yes, they have never played a full-length show as The Buggles. There have been isolated performances, including the 2004 Prince’s Trust Concert and a ZTT shwocase in the 1990’s, but that’s it. Along with original member Bruce Woolley, they are about to change that with a London concert they’re calling The Lost Gig.

Unless you’re in London or plan on traveling there, the September 28th show at the Supperclub (12 Acklam Road) will be the only chance you’ll get to see this historic event. The group will be playing The Age Of Plastic in full, which means a chance to hear not only “Video Killed The Radio Star”, but also “Living In The Plastic Age”, but “Astro Boy”, “Clean, Clean”, and the almighty “I Love You Miss Robot”. Horn, Downes, and Woolley also promise “special guests’ to join them.

On top of that, Orchestral Man0euvers In The Dark will be opening up, and sitting in with them will be Claudia Brucken of Propaganda fame.

Outside of reuniting for reuniting’s sake, there is a special cause behind this performance, as it is a benefit show to raise funds for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. All proceeds both from The Lost Gig and accompanying online auction will be donated to the hospital.

You can find out about tickets by clicking to See Tickets.

(Mahalo to Matt Verrill for corrections.)

REVIEWS: 808 State remasters

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Zang Tuum Tumb (or Zang Tumb Tuum if you wish, ZTT for short) were responsible for 808 State‘s success around the world in the 90’s. Twenty years later, ZTT are about to release brand new remasters from the electronica group.

I reviewed two of my favorite 808 albums, 808:90 and ex:ex. You can read a review of both discs by clicking to

SOME STUFFS: Remasters of first four 808 State albums are released

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Remasters of the first four 808 State albums were promised in 2008 (on 08/08/08 as the promotional campaign had promised), but the distributing label that were to release them went out of business, putting things on hold. If you didn’t experience these albums the first time, you’re now able to. If you haven’t heard them in awhile, you can enjoy each one again, with each album coming with a bonus disc of extra goodies compiled by 808 State founder Graham Massey.

The albums in question are 808:90 (released in the U.S. on Tommy Boy as Utd. State 90), ex:el, Gorgeous, and Don Solaris, all of which went through the maniacal electronic music/electronica wave of the 1990’s and made its way through, at the same time moving dancers, music fanatics, and fellow musicians to create music on their own. The reissues will hit stores on March 22nd, with expanded and restored album artwork, extensive liner notes,

The group will be going on tour in the UK and Europe later this year, no word yet on if they’ll do any shows stateside.