REVIEW: Marcie Brown’s “Reflections over Brandy”

Photobucket Marcie Brown is a cellist/singer who has a love for jazz, and her new Reflections Over Brandy (self-titled) shows how much of a lover of life and music she is.

Upon listening to the first few songs, I really liked what I was hearing. Her playing was really good, and while I am not a cellist, I always like people’s approach to it and similar instruments, whether it’s the avant-garde ways of Joëlle Léandre (who plays the double bass) or something more traditional, like Brown. What surprised me about this is when she started to sing. I was unfamiliar with her previous work, and it sounded like something I would expect on an album by Joni Mitchell or Blossom Dearie, and for some reason I was either surprised or slightly taken aback. Maybe it was the day and time, or me just being unprepared for it.

The album cover graphics has a fall/autumn feel to it, so perhaps one is meant to feel a sense of change in the air, from warmth to an inevitable chill, or just something more rustic and natural, woodsy perhaps? Brown plays the piano in a number of tracks too, she is able to show how diverse and well-rounded she is within her own limitations, that is, standing by a genre and working her talents within. Reflections Over Brandy could be about observing life and the world either through a drink or with a special someone, or both, and this album is able to do that well in a unique way.

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