AUDIO: Young Moon’s “Colt”

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Due out on June 3rd is a new album by Young Moon called Colt and as Western Vinyl (the label) gears up to sell and promote it, they are starting by passing a long a chance for you to hear the title track, so press play right now and enjoy.

If you are in San Francisco at the top of the summer season, the band will have a record release party with Eternal Drag and Kokomo-hum at The Chapel, so show some support.

PODCAST: The Listening Experience show #6: Prince

The last edition of The Listening Experience podcast explores the music of Prince in a not-so-usual way. Prince was someone who utilized audio tape manipulation to where it would become one of its trademarks. You’d hear his voice sped up in a number of ways or even a guitar solo and sometimes you’d hear him at a much lower octave than normal. What I do here is adjust some of those songs so you will hear how he originally recorded them before it was adjusted for release.

This also marks the return of my podcast at a 90 minute duration or in this case, 93.

VIDEO: Lontalius’ “Kick In The Head”

I’ll Forget 17 (Partisan) is an album by Eddie Johnston released last month but don’t look specifically for an Eddie Johnston release: get familiar with him under the moniker Lontalius. Don’t ask, just understand this. Like Sherman Hemsley, he has made a song called “Kick In The Head” and now he’d like to present the video for your eye hole. The album can be purchased below via

FREE MP3 DL: Not The 1s’ “To Be Gamed On”

Not the 1s is the name of the band who will be releasing an album on June 10th called Everybody’s Rappin’ but if everyone is rapping, why would you want to specifically listen to these guys? I think once you check them out with “To Be Gamed On”, you might say “well hey, they definitely aren’t like everybody else.” Everybody’s Rappin’ will be released by Gold Robot Records and you can download this song right now, while supplies last.

VIDEO: Bambara’s “All The Ugly Things”

Swarm (Arrowhawk) is the new album by Brooklyn trio Bambara and they’ve made a nice video for one of its songs, called “All The Ugly Things” but are there actually things that are ugly in the video? Beauty, as well as ugliness, is in the eye and mind of the beholder but regardless of how you think they (or someone in the video) look, how about the music? That’s the main focus.

VIDEO: Mic Capes’ “No More”

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Mic Capes is another rapper out of Portland, Oregon who wants to let everyone know what he and his city is all about. He represents a section of Portland towards the northwest section called St. Johns and Mic Capes is all about precision, as you will see and hear in “No More” but fear not, he will have more eventually.