VIDEO: Das Racist’s “Girl”

Das Racist have the goods as they always do, and here’s their new video for “Girl”. If the “girl” in question may be familiar to some of you, she is actress (and former model on NBC’s Deal Or No Deal) Hayley Marie Norman, who is found roaming a library looking for a book, while a man in tight denim is looking for her while doing tight dance moves.

SOME STUFFS: La Armada travel toward California for tour fun

Chicago punks La Armada will be heading on tour in November beginning at their home headquarters in Chicago before moving down to the southwest and making their way up and down California. No Oregon or Washington State days for this trip, but there’s always hope for 2013. The band have had a great year following the the release of their Self-Titled album, the first vinyl pressings of which are completely sold out. Vinyl junkies will have to deal with second pressings, which were pressed on clear read and opaque yellow vinyl, which you can order directly from their label, Fat Sandwich Records.

You wanted concert dates, so here they are.

November 6… Chicago, IL (The Bottom Lounge) +
November 7… Carbondale, IL (Pk’s Bar)
November 8… Memphis, TN (1372 Overton Park)
November 9… New Orleans, LA (Dragons Den)
November 10… Houston, TX (House of Creep’s Creeperfest 2012)
November 11… San Antonio, TX (Fall Fall Fall Fest)
November 12… Austin, TX (The Grand Social Club)
November 13… Albuquerque, NM (The Gasworks)
November 14… Flagstaff, AZ (Taala Hooghan Infoshop Collective)
November 15… Fullerton CA (The Slidebar) #
November 16… San Diego, CA (Shakedown Bar)
November 17… Los Angeles CA (TBA)
November 18… Canoga Park, CA (Cobalt Cafe)
November 19… Los Angeles, CA (The Down And Out)
November 20… Ventura, CA (Billy O’s)
November 21… Goleta, CA (The Hard To Find) @
November 23… Oakland, CA (Oakland Metro Opera House)
November 24… Reno, NV (Shea’s Tavern)
November 25… Salt Lake City, UT (The Shred Shed)
November 26… Grand Junction, CO (House Show)
November 27… Denver CO (3 Kings Tavern)
November 28… Denver, CO (7th Circle Music Collective)
November 29… Omaha NE (The Sandbox)

+ w/ Propagandhi
# w/ Death by Stereo
@ w/ Vitamin X

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Icky Blossoms’ “Sex To The Devil (Gosteffects Remix)”

If you are the parents of what others call “fucked up kids”, this song may become your anthem. Icky Blossoms have allowed Gosteffects to do an anally tight remix of “Sex To The Devil” and it’s freakishly fun with a hint of moisture of unknown regions. In other words, it’s hot, it’s a banger, it’s… what you want it to be, but better.

SOME STUFFS: Free The Robots remix Feeding People

If you’ve heard of Feeding People, then you may know of their current single, “Island Universe”. They’ve allowed Free The Robots to do a remix of it, and it’s brilliant. If this remix makes you groove on and turn towards their music, awesome. Have a listen.

They have one scheduled show in November at the Echo in Los Angeles, where Cosmonauts, The Abigails, and Gap Dream will also be on the bill.

VIDEO: Kuana Torres Kahele’s “Waimanu I Ka Lauoha”

Kuana Torres Kahele has been known by fans of Hawaiian music as a member of Na Palapalai, and since releasing his debut solo album Kaunaloa (Mountain Apple), his audience has grown. “Waimanu I Ka Lauoha” is a song from that album, and was shot at Mountain Apple’s studios.

Last week, Kahele released his first Christmas album, Home For The Holidays, which is sure to get him airplay not only throughout Hawai’i (or at least the Hawaiian radio station that still play Hawaiian music), but on all radio stations that enjoy diverse Christmas tunes.

VIDEO: Laetitia Sadier’s “Lightning Thunderbolt”

Upon playing this song, it didn’t quite gel with me at first. Where was Laetitia Sadier going with this? I also questioned why I wasn’t feeling it: the moodiness of the vocals? Too sparse? What turned things around was the analog (or analog-sounding) synths about 1:07 in, where it reminded me of old PBS shows and film strip music. Then comes something that sounds like a Melodica. It’s a bit like lo-fi indie rock, or “we ran out of electricity” grunge, but even that is kinda half-assing how good this is. I played the song for the second, third, and fourth times, which lead me to think “aaah, I believe I got it and if I don’t, the it I like is appreciated.”

Sadier recorded the Silencio out on Drag City, and one of the songs on there is the video you see above. What you’ll see ahead: a European tour:

November 5… Manchester, UK @ The Deaf Institute)
November 6… Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast)
November 7… Edinburgh, UK @ Sneaky Pete’s)
November 9… Dublin, IE @ The Workman’s Club)
November 10… Galway, IE @ Roisin Dubh)
November 12… Cardiff, UK @ The Globe)
November 13… London, UK @ XOYO)
November 14… Brighton, UK @ Sticky Mike’s)
November 16… Ghent, BE @ Muziekcafe Charlatan)
November 17… Cologne, DE @ King Georg)
November 18… Berlin, DE @ Berghain)
November 19… Munich, DE @ Orangehouse)
November 21… Vevey, CH @ Rocking Chair)
November 22… Paris, FR @ Point Ephemere)
November 25… Brodeaux, FR @ Le Comptoir du Jazz)

VIDEO: Indian Handcrafts’ “Bruce Lee”

Indian Handcrafts – Civil Disobedience For Losers (Album Promo II) Bruce Lee from Sargent House on Vimeo.

Indian Handcrafts have created and released the first video from their awesome album released today on the Sargent House label, Civil Disobedience For Losers (my review can be read by clicking here), and as you can see, there’s a fat and lazy cat within. Find out why it just wants a bag of chips by pressing play.

VIDEO: Sky Ferreira’s “Sad Dream”

Upon first glance, Sky Ferreira may not look like someone who dreams in sadness, but everyone does, even the kindest of people. It’s a gorgeous video (directed by Grant Singer) where she’s either driving in a truck or being the passenger as she sings about things lost and perhaps never quite found.

You may have heard of Ferreira on The Vampire Diairies soundtrack, and with the Ghost EP (Parlophone/Capitol) out now, she’s prepping an album for 2013. Get to know her, and if you like what you hear, opt to see her in a string of shows in November:

November 8… San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw/Popscene)
November 12… Los Angeles, CA (Bardot/School Night)
November 27… Cambridge, MA (TT And The Bears)
November 28… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands)
November 29… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)
November 30… Washington D.C. (DC 9)

SOME STUFFS: Gangi treat fans with new video and remix

First, the video:

It’s for the Gangi song “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events”, released earlier this month on their gesture is album.

Second, the audio:

It’s “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” again, but this time it’s the Rainbow Arabia remix, and this one you can download for free.

There is, in fact, a third. On Halloween night, they will be wrapping up a tour by playing at the Wardenclyffe Gallery in Austin, Texas.

No need to discuss a fourth, unless you like what you’ve heard here and would like to buy their album. If so, proceed…

AUDIO: Elaquent’s “Parallel” (full EP stream)

Elaquent his name, and eloquent is how he handles his music. Elaquent has released an EP today called Parallel (URBNET), and like most quality producers and artists, there’s more than what you see, hear, and read on the surface. The press release that came with this EP has Elaquent describing the meaning of the title, and while there may be more exploration into its true meaning, he wanted to give a simple-as-possible answer:

Parallel lines refer to two lines that never intersect or touch…which is how i feel about this music shit lately. I’m certainly not the only musician doing the kind of music that I do, but I find a lot of pressure in all sorts of places to follow the same type of formula as other artists, many of which I’m fans of. However, I would rather stay in my own lane…i believe that the destination is ultimately the same. Kind of one of those ideas that is applicable in all facades of life, ultimately, the purpose is to what makes sense and suits you, rather than altering yourself to fit in with everybody else, at the end of the day, we are all striving and moving in the same direction.

He has utilized samples as part of his production style but for Parallel he is getting into more playing and instrumentation, which may be about creative exploration, a bit of industry necessity, or both. Can you get a sense of that the music will be like, simply by taking a glance at the cover? Try it.

The better thing to do would be to actually take a listen, right? Now you can. All tracks were produced by Elaquent with the exception of “In This Style 10/6”, which was co-produced with and features Evil Needle. Listen now? Any time you want, it will be here.