AUDIO: FeverHouse’s “The Tourist Trap”

From Alabama, although after hearing it, you could say it may be from anywhere imaginable, is a track by FeverHouse called “The Tourist Trap”. If you are a fan of harsh noise wall, this one goes on for 18 minutes, and it is a nice piece of meat that may deafen you or anyone listening within the vicinity. Enter at your own risk.

AUDIO: Haddy Racks’ “New York Gritty”

Haddy Racks photo HaddyRacks_old_zpsavdtr0bk.jpg
In hip-hop, what is grittier than New York City? That will lead to a neverending argument who is the most filthy, the most raw, the most ruthless but Harry Racks says when it comes to making music, you cant’t help but be inspired by that “New York Gritty”. Chopz165 put this together for him and you’ll be able to find it on Haddy’s forthcoming project he is currently doing with DJ Kay Slay, so stick around like Julian Lennon.

AUDIO: Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K.’s “Celebrate”

With New Year’s literally hours away, it’s best to wrap up everything you’ve done in 2015, both good and bad, put it away for the time being and just “Celebrate”, which is what Imperial & K.I.N.E.T.I.K. have done in their new cut. Maybe you were looking for a hot song to play on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, or any time, then you have something for you right here.

VIDEO: Winter’s “Pretender”

Supreme Blue Dream (Lolipop) is the current album from Winter, who promoted it by going on tour across the United States. At the same time, they preserved their adventures visually, which has been used as footage for the video to the tender track “Pretender” but they’re not pretending, they are real. You can check the rest of Supreme Blue Dream by listening to the album below via Bandcamp.

AUDIO: Database’s “Get On” + Yello’s “Oh Yeah (Ugly Edit)”

 photo Database_old_zpsodlhnig7.jpg
The men behind Database have plans for a great new year but they want to end the year with two new songs for old and new fans alike, so have a listen to their style of electronicana with “Get On” and if you are a DJ heading for a set at the clubs tonight, consider playing this and watching people get on, either on the dance floor or on each other for fantastic group sex action. They also did a new edit of the 80’s classic “Oh Yeah” by Yello and if you’d like to check that out, it’s available as a free download. You have to click the Soundclood page and click where it says “Free Download + Bonus”.

AUDIO: Obscura’s “Sermon Of The Seven Suns”

German band Obscura have completed their new album so for fans who have loved their brand of progressive metal, you’ll want to remember Akroasis (Relapse), due out on the 5th of February. To find out how sinister these guys are now, check out “Sermon Of The Seven Suns” and see if the sacred sounds are stupendous. The single is available from by clicking the cover below.