SOME STUFFS: Audio Fidelity gets into jazz fusion with new remasters

Audio Fidelity: Weather Report/Return To Forever photo AF-WRRTF_covers_zpseqrdvbrf.jpg
The folks at Audio Fidelity have been dipping into some morsels in the last year and as 2016 slowly comes to a close, they are entering the world of jazz fusion with new hybrid SACD remasters.

Tale Spinnin’ was Weather Report’s fifth album that came out in 1975. While my dad was not heavy into jazz fusion, he did love this album and I’m not sure if he was like me where he randomly chose an album and said “I’ll try this” or if he simply liked the cover. He bought it on cassette and it became one of his cruising albums. Personal reflection aside, this was the album produced bY Weather Report members Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter and this one contains some nice gems, including “Five Short Stories” and “Lusitanos”.

Musicmagic was Return To Forever’s seventh album which is also known for being the group’s last. This was the follow-up to the band’s successful Romantic Warrior album and with this one, Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea were the remaining two from the original line-up. There was a live album after Musicmagic but by then, it was over. Upon listening to Musicmagic, it sounded like they could’ve went on forever like their own name but they had other plans. This one has Clarke’s “So Long Mickey Mouse” while thea lbum ends with a song done by Corea and his wife Gayle Moran, “The Endless Night”.

The CD side will feature the original stereo mix of the album while the SACD side will contain the original quadraphonic mix. Both of these discs are scheduled for release on October 21st, both can be pre-ordered below via

AUDIO: Light Fantastic’s “To The Center”

Next week is when you’ll be able to pick up the new album by Light Fantastic called Out Of View (Spiritual Pajamas). Until then, have a preview through one of its sonngs called “To The Center”, and maybe it will become the center of your consciousness. Out Of View will be released next week Friday (October 7th). The vinyl pressing and other formats can be pre-ordered below via

AUDIO: J. Rawls & Dominique Larue’s “F****n’ Jerk”

A new album is on its way from Dominique Larue and J. Rawls with the appropriate title Almost There, which will be rleeased on October 7th which means yes, we’re almost there as in “release day is just around the corner” or in this case, next week. Check out a track called “Fuckin’ Jerk”, which is not about them heading to Jamaica and checking out some jerk chicken operators.

VIDEO: Dark Tranquillity’s “The Pitiless”

Atoma is the forthcoming album from Swedish death metal band Dark Tranquillity coming out this November through Century Media and everyone involved want to share a track from it. This one is called “The Pitiless” and if you are one who lives live without pity, this may become your autumn theme song.

The album can be pre-ordered below through

RECORD CRACK: Vinyl reissue for 1998 album by Caustic Resin

 photo CausticResin_cover_zps2dkwr86q.jpg
Caustic Resin were one of the most prized bands from the Pacific Northwest music scene, specifically from the city of Boise, Idaho and when they released their music, many anticipated new sounds from them. Their The Medicine Is All Gone is still praised today and today, the Scavenger Cult label reissues that album on vinyl. If you’re unfamiliar with the album or the band, check out a song from it/them called “Cable” and hopefully you’ll be moved to pick up a copy of The Medicine Is All Gone, which you can order below via Amazon. The album will be out on September 30th.

VIDEO: Risley’s “Time Was Slow”

Risley photo Risley_old_zpshircfsyr.jpg
While this video, shot on 8mm film by Tony Shilling, is meant to look straight out of 1993 or so, you can easily say this would fit in with the innocence of Portland, Oregon of 2016, or the innocence some say is slowly fading away. Then again, if you head to any part of Portland, you’ll see teenagers rocking their Bad Brains and Operation Ivy T-shirts so this video from Risley is very much now as it was back then. The song is taken from the band’s debut album that is meant to reflect at ones youth, a reflection that is sure to be felt by anyone who is looking forward to getting older and wiser. Michael Deresh and Travis Stanek were able to find a group of actual friends who weren’t afraid to participate in this music video and it’s a nice piece, from whatever perspective you view it.

Time Was Slow from Michael Deresh on Vimeo.

AUDIO: Night Club’s “Dear Enemy”

Night Club photo NightClub_old_zpsgdkrr8wp.jpg
Requiem For Romance is the official title of the forthcoming album by Night Club and everyone involved wants to share a track from it. This is called “Dear Enemy”, which may be about the dark powers that be or perhaps even you. Maybe it is about themselves, it is unknown but then again, maybe the answers are in the song. The album will be out on October 7th, which is when they’ll also start a tour beginning in San Francisco at the album release show.
October 7 San Francisco, CA (DNA Lounge – Turbo Drive) (LP release show)
October 8… Phoenix, AZ (The Grid)
October 14… Denver, CO (Synth Prom at 1010 Workshop)
October 21… Brooklyn, NY (Trans Pecos)
October 22… Newark, NJ (QXT’s)
October 30… Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
November 10… Austin,TX (Nite School at Cheer Up Charlie’s