REVIEW: The March Divide’s “Music For Film”

The March Divide The core of The March Divide is a man named Jared Putnam, and Music For Film (Dead Letter) is his music played and performed with the assistant of some of his friends. Putnam is a singer/songwriter who puts together heartfelt songs with a lot of conviction, and that is detected by how he sings and how the songs are presented. When Laura Wheeler joins him in “Skinny Brain”, you imagine (or at least I did) a small shed as everyone inside is playing a song about wanting someone but not quite asking the question or saying the things that need to be said. Everyone is there in silence waiting for it to be said, but part of the drama is hoping it will be.

Whether it’s in a full band setting or just Putnam and his guitar, Music For Film is acoustic music that moves you to think about the song, and how it applies to you, or how you would like to be able to do the things expressed in the song. You know your life is not being captured on film, but their songs convince you that life is easy when there is a beginning, middle, and end. In this case, life has already begun, we’re all going through eternal middles, but hope that by the time we reach our end, it will be as satisfying as the music Putnam performs here.

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