REVIEW: FFH’s “Make Them Understand”

FFH photo FFH_cover_zps7250d775.jpg Make Them Understand (Hospital Productions) by FFH, the new project from noise creationist Richard Dunn. The album begins with what sounds like video surveillance dialogue where one witnesses a man killing himself. Then it leads to nothing but noise and distortion throughout, with occasional snaps of a male voice speaking over the noise. The range of noise changes from lighthearted to all out insanity/ With “Spirit Of Money”, what begins with what sounds like loud guitar playing ends up becoming layers of feedback. “Electrocution Torture” could be imagined as someone’s thought process as they know a huge amount of voltage will be going through their body, and by the time it reaches the end of the piece, the sound gently fades. Then again, it may be nothing more than a catchy phrase to use. One can consider Make Them Understand to be complete torture, or the ultimate in fantasy listening, take your pick.

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