REVIEW: David Starobin’s “Favorite Tracks Vol. 2”

Subtitled 20th Century Classics with Guitar, these recordings by David Starobin from 1976 to 1997 are newly remastered. For fans of the guitar or classical music, one will be able to hear Starobin as he pushed himself beyond the boundaries of what was accepted in classical music to create bold and daring music that was part of a movement of classically trained musicians who wanted to get out of their suits and let loose.

This is not radical in a rockist sense, but rather in the mentality of how to apply an instrument (the acoustic guitar) that may have been used in classical music for years, then to say “let’s see how we can turn things inside out.” Fans of Starobin will be happy to hear treasured pieces such as “Changes”, “Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred”, “Sunday Song Set”, and “Three Poems Of Robert Frost”. They sound brilliant, Starobin’s playing is nothing short of brlliant, and I get a sense of feeling enlightened even though I’ve never heard of these pieces before, I can only imagine what longtime fans of his will feel.

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