REVIEW: Mocean Worker’s “Candygram For Mowo!”

Photobucket Adam Dorm is back under his musical nom de plume Mocean Worker on an album that is a continuation of his digital exploration and manipulation with Candygram For Mowo! (!K7).

If you have enjoyed what he has been doing with the wide range of styles he has created in his music, you’ll enjoy this one as well. There are still hints of jazz, but also hip-hop, funk, soul, and dance music. His tracks are up there with the likes of RJD2, Jazzanova, and Fatboy Slim, and a few of these songs sound as comfortable as Us3, one might argue that it sounds like he just pressed play and went into cruise control mode, but that’s merely someone who knows how to organize and program his tracks extremely well. Your mileage, interpretation, and consumption may vary.

My personal favorite on this album is “My Own Little World”, featuring the one and only Lyrics Born getting into his finely tuned groove and entering another, while bringing in Mindi Abair into the proceedings too. If you’ve been a fan of LB’s work in the last decade, this is just him putting on a freshly cleaned suit and showing Mocean Worker fans what it’s all about.

The most touching song is the album closer “JD”, an obvious tribute and thank you to Mocean Worker’s father, the late Joel Dorn. If it’s a bit melancholy, go back into “Ya Damn Right” and “Say Yeah Yeah” and hear music that could tear apart any funky dance club or music you may hear in a television commercial or show, and not realize who created it.

I’ve always liked Mocean Worker’s production, never loose. One might say it’s too tight but really, when you know what you’re doing in the studio and are capable of making decent sounds, why bother with being lower than low? He delivers each and every time, and he does so again here. I for one would love to see him create a remix album out of this too. Maybe next year.

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