SOME STUFFS: Best Coast don’t plan to “Fade Away” with new EP

 photo BestCoast_old_zps7f53c038.jpg
It’s great when artists announce they’re going to release an EP, and EP’s are fairly common these days and not the exception. I do enjoy it a bit more when someone announces they’re going to release a mini-album/mini-LP. This is what Best Coast are doing as they have a quick dip in the pool in preparation of the release of Fade Away (Jewel City/Kobalt Label Services). Jewel City is Bethany Cosentino’s own imprint, and will hopefully be a continued outlet for her work with bandmate Bobb Bruno along with any other music she may feel like releasing at any given time. Here’s the official cover for it.
 photo BestCoastFA_cover_zps35dca96b.jpg

Would you like to look at a track listing as well, would ya? Here you go:
1. This Lonely Morning
2. I Wanna Know
3. Who Have I Become
4. Fear Of My Identity
5. Fade Away
6. Baby I’m Crying
7. I Don’t Know How

Fade Away will fade into your life on October 22nd.

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