AUDIO: Löwin’s “Gonna Run You”

Löwin photo Lowin_old_zpsf06d9aa9.jpg
A band with “a voice and spirit of a hipster incarnation of a young Chrissie Hynde”? That’s a bold claim but you may hear it and more in a group who are releasing an EP on April 7th called Royal Jelly, and you may be ready for it. Their name is Löwin, a German word for “lioness”, and this Austin band are ready to pump things out in a serious, if not major way. The quartet enjoy blending the delicate and rough side of their influences into something that will become the Löwin sound, fronted by singer/guitarist Sara Houser, who is backed by bassist Nathan Ribner, guitarist Kyle Durst, and drummist Chris DeGeorge. Together, they create something that will make you want to reach to the sky and feel what they’re about. You’re able to feel and hear what they are with “Gonna Run You”.

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