REVIEW: Charlie Belle’s “I Don’t Want To Be Alone” (EP)

 photo CharlieBelle_cover_zpshck2aam0.jpg Charlie Belle have been getting some attention not only for making some pretty good music, but they’re doing it so at a young age, and the fact that its core members are brother and sister. Guitarist Jendayi Bonds is the lead singer while drummer Gyasi Bonds does the background vocals. While they have changed bassists in their existence, the album features someone but he may be someone who plays in the sessions and the live shows may have someone else. I think what makes I Don’t Want To Be Alone (Fanatic) work is not the fact that the Bonds are brother and sister or that they’re teenagers, but they have well written songs that sound more mature than their age. Jendayi sounds like someone who could easily end up writing wonderful pop songs with an eclectic edge, and I say eclectic because they’re not by the numbers. Even if something may sound like by-the-numbers, there’s something within that shows she very much knows and understands what she is writing, and that little extra makes these songs worth playing over and over. When they actually enter college, they’ll be creating the perfect soundtrack for a generation of listeners that will hopefully stick around when that time is over, to be able to hear how Charlie Belle progress in time is something worthy hanging around for. I could easily see them collaborating with well known artists as a way to take their songs to the next level, and I hope that happens sooner than later.

(I Don’t Want To Be Alone will be released on September 18th and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.)

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