REVIEW: The Brown Book’s “Pyramid Scheme” (EP)

Photobucket Sometimes all I need to enjoy a band is to be able to play, and do it in a way that blows me away. Doing it with styles that I enjoy hearing, or even styles I don’t like but organized in an original fashion, will make me praise it. I can say that about a band calling themselves The Brown Book

Pyramid Scheme is a 4-song EP with the kind of high volume intensity that makes me want to salute with demonic horns. These guys can be heavy in a Helmet, Melvins, or Queens Of The Stone Age, but one is not hearing plodding and grinding. While this is not exactly what I’d call “math rock”, they do bring in a number of tempos and different ways of organizing their 4/4. They do not want to get too comfortable, so as soon as they’ve reached a certain emotion in a song, they turn a new direction and you’re on a new trip all over again.

So far their songs are just under 5 minutes, so it’s into the building and out running soon after. I could easily find them becoming anthemic as they’re already there, and maybe that is what’s to come on a full length but I love the quick bursts, spurts, and squirts here. The dual guitar work will thrill six-string enthusiasts and the bass work will move you to have bad back posture. This is pretty brilliant for what it is, as short as it is (13 1/2 minutes), and I’m ready for another 13 1/2.

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