AUDIO: Wadada Leo Smith & Louis Moholo-Moholo’s “Moholo-Moholo/Golden Spirit”

Ancestors (TUM) is the forthcoming album from trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and percussionist Louis Moholo-Moholo, and you get a chance to hear a track from it before its official release on October 18th. While the two musicians have collaborated many times in a live setting, they’ve never recorded a full album project until now.

While jazz fans familiar with Smith tend to be open to what he offers, this collaboration with Moholo-Moholo will be a new one, not only for its hybrid of sounds and influences from the motherland. While it may be rooted in Africa, Smith says that Moholo-Moholo has created his own drum language, so if you are a fan of the drums and percussion, check out the song below and figure out what both of them are trying to say.

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