COVERED: The Rolling Stones vs. The Rich Hands

 photo COVERED_RSRich-sml_zps8a80f480.jpg
46 years ago, The Rolling Stones released “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” on Decca Records and came up with this photo for the picture sleeve, taken by David Bailey. The Rolling Stones had fun with their album covers and definitely played around with their singles too, including dressing up like women for “Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows” and a crime scene for “Street Fighting Man” that would ban the sleeve in some circles. For “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” it was just the Stones in disguises and such, with guitarist Brian Jones holding a pitchfork and showing an expression that showed a bit of decay. The back of the sleeve was meant to be a perspective from the rear, but Jones’ perspective not being 100 percent accurate. The photo would be celebrated by Stones and rock’n’roll fans for decades.

Texas band The Rich Hands are playing in SXSW this week and as they prepare to release a new album, they’ve released a single for the song “Teenager”. Not only is the cover homage to the “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” picture sleeve, but they also cover the Stones song as the non-LP B-side. Perfection.

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