REVIEW: Randomer’s “Residents” (EP)

 photo Randomer_label_zps83e635f8.jpg Randomer is back with an all new recording, a new 3-song EP that finds him on a new label (L.I.E.S.) making some very interesting electronic pulsations. The title track gets into a bit of a comfortable repetition, almost tribal at times, almost meditative but allow tie rhythm to capture you and you’ll find yourself nicely trapped in it. “Jakobs Dream” comes off a bit more electric and high voltage at times, as if its pulse is trying to have a life of its own. “Huh” gets a little bit old school on the electro side, as if you can imagine a bunch of b-boys and b-girls running to the dance floor, jerking their heads and bodies in a maniacal fashion and not wanting to stop. It’s almost as if this couldn’t have been made from one person but what unites them is how great these tracks are, not only from one another but that it’s another from one Randomer. Random, like his name but different.


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