SOME STUFFS: J Hacha de Zola brings his gloom into the sunlight with a new album

Photo by Miguel Peralta
 photo JHachaDeZola_old_zpsly8cudpf.jpg
“In its recent write-up, Utne Reader said that “One could be forgiven for assuming J Hacha de Zola is a transient, back alley carnival showman followed through town by a band of tangle-haired misfits. The kind of alluring character found in old children’s books.” It’s an apt description of the Jersey City native who has been drawing attention to his newly released record Escape From Fat Kat City.”

This is the first paragraph in the press release for J Hacha de Zola new music but do we want to continue reading it, no. While the concept of recording the album “in the shadow of a maximum security correctional facility and an oil refinery” may sound interesting, weird, and wacky at the same time, how do we really know this? Photos? A video on YouTube? Do we really want to believe this because for all we know, he could’ve recorded this in his grandmom’s basement. Regardless of the location of his recording, the end result will have to be simple: is the music good? I think it is and if the music and lyrics may sound gloomy and mournful, it is not his intention. Then again, it may be but whatever dramatics you sense from these songs, keep in mind that it’s not an act. Try out a song called “Let It Go” so if you like it after streaming it, it is available to download for free, while supplies last.


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