SOME STUFF: Grynch releases new EP

Seattle rapper Grynch has something new for 2017 but don’t just call this his new “summer joint” but it is a joint worth checking out. It’s an EP called On A Good One but you could say this is also “On A Good Siox” as it features six brand new cuts, including two remixes. You can stream and listen but show some support by buying it through Bandcamp.

FREE DL: Wizdom’s “Therapy”

It has been awhile since we last heard some new music from Seattle’s Wizdom but he has returned in 2017 with something quite superfresh called “Therapy”, which came out today. He worked with producer Reminiss to put this together, not sure if there will be a bigger project or if this will simply be the start of a string of more material but nonetheless, noce to hear from the Wiz again.

FREE DL: Harsh Noise Movement present “The Pink Floyd Remix Project”

You may love Pink Floyd beyond compare and perhaps as a fan, you may have heard a few tribute songs or albums or perhaps you, like me, went to a Pink Floyd tribute band concert. Here’s something that goes beyond what you would expect. This is The Pink Floyd Remix Project compiled by the Harsh Noise Movement, a label known for their experimental, avant-garde and hectic noise. In this case, it’s a lot of noise and occasionally throughout these tracks, you’ll hear something melodious. I will say this: the tribute album will not be to everyone’s liking. If you are someone who enjoys music from a very diverse world, you’ll get into this. Stream everything from the Bandcamp page and player above but if you find it to be of interest, do use the “Name Your Price” option.

SOME STUFFS: A noisy Beatles remix project has been released

The Harsh Noise Movement have just released a new project that has to do with their love for The Beatles but not in the way you would expect. HNM are about the experimental/avant-garde side of life, musically and otherwise and this one features different artists manipulating Beatles songs in a number of different ways, from being semi-straightforward to mashing it up beyond recognition. The title is exactly what it is: The Beatles Remix Project but don’t expect simple country or jazzy renditions of your favorites. As it states on the Bandcamp page, this consists of various experimental noise artists take The Beatles songs and turn them into glorious sonic blasts that will give a new dimension to the familiar sounds of the fab four.

The entire project is free to download but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support.

SOME STUFFS: Playboy Manbaby release new single in the new year

 photo PlayboyManbaby_old_zpsfcyhyfte.jpg
It could be political, it could be social, or it could be a party. Then again, with Playboy Manbaby, it could very much be “all of the above” but in this case, it’s two new songs from the band. “You Can Be A Fascist Too” b/w “I’d Like To Meet Your Parents” is ready for you through Dirty Water Records and through Bandcamp below.

FREE DL: Kool Keith featuring MF DOOM’s “Super Hero (L’Orange Remix)”

Kool Keith, the cocoa butter lover, has a new album out called Feature Magnetic and as with most of Keith’s works, this one has a nice buzz. Now ,a track from that album but presented in remix form, this time done by L’Orange. It’s a nice new version of “Super Hero” and this one is for free, while supplies last. The album can be ordered below via

FREE MP3 DL: Loop 2.4.3’s “Out To War”

Photo by Jamal Ahmed
loop 2.4.3 photo Loop243_old_zpsd55pakqz.jpg
Loop 2.4.3 have a track that is here to blow up your mind dome and when you hear it, you will know exactly why. This is called “Out To War” and the way people are running around in the world, it may seem everyone is out to or for war. Loop 2.4.3 is from the mindset of Thomas Kozumplik and if you were curious about things, begin here. This is taken from his album Time-Machine_Music, my review of which can be read by clicking here. You should pick up through by clicking the cover below.

FREE DL: Sareem Poems & Ozay Moore’s “Soap Opera (Soulseize Remix)”

Illect Recordings have released a new single by Sareem Poems and Ozay Moore and this one is not only “Soap Opera” but you get to hear it remixed by Soulseize. It’s available as a free download but highly consider using the “Name Your Price” option and showing a b