RECORD CRACK: Melvins and Unsane cover each other for new AmRep split 7 inch

When it comes to new Melvins music, for me, it is a joy to behold. It is also a joy to hold, and listen to, depending on the situation, and in this case the situation is this. Amphetamine Reptile are releasing a new split 7″ between Melvins and Unsane, and they’re covering each other’s songs. Melvins are covering Unsane’s “Alleged”, while Unsane cover Melvins’ “The Bloat”, which you can hear above.

The above graphic was done by HAZE XXL.

The record itself is a Cage Match” Tour 7″, so snag it while you can because anytime these guys release a record, they’re snapped up and are hoarded on eBay.

For Melvins fans, this is also one of a number of records that they will be doing this year. You are now able to download a brand new EP from them for free called The Bulls & The Bees and it seems that if the world is truly to end, Buzzlord Almighty will fight it until the end, and then release more music for those of us living in the aftermath.

To catch up on the countless additions to Melvins’ discography scheduled this year, head to

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