REVIEW: Pelican’s “Forever Becoming”

 photo PelicanFB_cover_zpsbc5e2579.jpg The gentlemen of Pelican have returned with a brand new collection of tightly wound instrumentals with their fifth album, Forever Becoming (Southern Lord).

Whiel the group has thrown out an EP or two here and there, this is Pelican’s first album since 2009’s What We All Come To Need (my review of which can be read by clicking here), but the group has not lost their power or intensity. It’s nice to hear what makes them so great, and that is tight musicianship mixed with arrangements that truly take you on an excursion before the band do it over and over again, making the listener feel exhausted but always satisfied. In the eight song/50 minute duration, one can actually imagine hearing this in colors, maybe the cover will bring to mind shades of blue or green, hints of yellow, or deep reds and oranges, and even though there are some nondescript grey tones, color is never too far from what Pelican are doing. Words are almost pointless with music like this, but hopefully the few I’ve written here will move you to check this out and listen without fear. Forever Becoming is music that blows away a thousand bands who often have too much to say but nothing to grip on afterwards.

(FAVORITE SONGS: “The Tundra”, “Perpetual Dawn”, “Deny The Absolute”.)

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