VIDEO: Stik Figa & Apollo Brown’s “Holding Back Tears”

Mello Music Group have another gem here with a new album by Stik Figa, who worked with producer Apollo Brown and now you can hear a hint of it with “Holding Back Tears”. The video was directed by Morgan Cooper. Stik Figa’s album Central Standard Time can be ordered below via

REVIEW: L’Orange & Stik Figa’s “The City Under The City”

L'Orange & Stik Figa photo LOrangeStikFiga_cover_zps30057654.jpg Hip-hop albums these days are almost a dime a dozen, or if anything, you have to dig much deeper to find the music that you know you’ll love, and not love it just because the masses are into it. L’Orange & Stik Figa represents the type of hip-hop that is harder, crisper, and for all intents and purposes, what people would call “the dope shit”. Here, that dope shit is called The City Under The City (Mello Music Group) and it comes from writing and saying lyrics and words that sound like they’re life experiences, not something that is meant to be hashtag rap or nothing but a massive list of keywords. They are diary entries from the pages of one Stik Figa, showing how he is more than just a figure in the shadows and a human with emotions and concerns that will touch those who enjoy tight flows, puzzle schemes, and the transformations of concerns to dreams. Producer L’Orange sketches out his path while creating diagrams for Stik Figa’s lyrics and together they create something that sounds like something they worked together, and not just something that was thrown or dropped into a studio and “just add water”. One of the best moments on The City Under The City is when Rapsody stops in to share advice in “Before Midnight”, but cameos from Open Mike Eagle, 7evenThirty, and Has-Lo are great listens too. This is about hard times understanding there is much better around the corner, even if that corner seems like an endless circle. Even underneath the concrete, there is life when it is sought.

FREE DL: L’Orange & Stik Figa featuring Rapsody & Castle’s “Before Midnight (Billie Holiday Remix)”

 photo LOrangeSFBM_cover_zps3fd547bd.jpg
The City Under The City (Mello Music Group) is a new album by L’Orange & Stik Figa and you may have heard the track they did where they brought in North Carolina MC Rapsody for the song “Before Midnight”. If you liked it, you are sure to enjoy this. It’s a remix of the track that also brings in Castle and on top of that, it’s a Billie Holiday Remix. No, there isn’t a new producer using the Billie Holiday name but when you listen, it will make sense. The remix is free to download, share this post with everyone you know.

SOME STUFFS: Activation to happen with new album by L’Orange & Stik Figa

 photo LOrange_cover_zpsfdef1bf3.jpg
Producer L’Orange and MC Stik Figa have been working on an album together, and on October 15th, you’ll be able to pick up The City Under The City (Mello Music Group). Some of the people on it include Rapsody, yU, and Open Mike Eagle, and pre-orders for it are happening now and if you need something to hook you in, to make you say “this will be an album worth waiting for”, have a listen to “Blind Tiger”. The video trailer also offers a few hints.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Stik Figa’s “Flaudgin”

A bangin’ video for a bangin’ song, Stik Figa has created a new clip for “Flaudgin” and you might be saying “what the hell kinda word is flaudgin?” Go look and listen, and listen again, as the song is being made available for free, courtesy Mello Music Group.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Stik Figa’s “Absitively”

Damn, this guy here named Stik Figa, he’s sitting on a front porch eating one of my favorite cereals. However, take a look. This guy just ran out of milk. Is this why he’s looking all mopey? My mom would say this guy is looking all “pablasito”. Someone who looks hopeless, decrepit, as if nothing in the world mattered. Damn, is the cereal that good? Why doesn’t he just go buy some milk?

To be honest, it’s a lot more than a milk issue, but you can hear what he’s about with a song from his new album, Stig Figa As Himself (Mello Music Group), released today. The free track is called “Absitively” and I think if you are a believer of what he’s about, he’ll be able to get a jug of milk. Help the man out.