FREE DL: Kool Keith featuring MF DOOM’s “Super Hero (L’Orange Remix)”

Kool Keith, the cocoa butter lover, has a new album out called Feature Magnetic and as with most of Keith’s works, this one has a nice buzz. Now ,a track from that album but presented in remix form, this time done by L’Orange. It’s a nice new version of “Super Hero” and this one is for free, while supplies last. The album can be ordered below via

VIDEO: L’Orange & Kool Keith’s “The Green Ray”

The Cocoa Butter Lover, a/k/a Sinister 600, b/k/a Dr. Octogon, sometimes Dr. Dooom, is not so much back but continuing what he loves best, and he’s doing it with L’Orange in supoort of their Time? Astonishing! album on Mello Music Group. “The Green Ray” is directed by Kris Mercado and this one is more powerful than raisins.

FREE DL: L’Orange & Kool Keith’s “Time? Astonishing… Instrumentals!”

If you picked up the new album by L’Orange & Kool Keith called Time? Astonishing… (Mello Music Group), you may have said “damn, I wish there were some instrumentals for these songs.” You’re in luck. Today (September 29th) is the day you will be able to download it for free, in its entirety. Once this is over with, you will not be able to find this again unless you go on some blog or run a torrent somewhere but you don’t want that, not when you can get it for freel. The player is above, do what you have to do to obtain it.

AUDIO: L’Orange & Kool Keith featuring J-Live’s “The Traveler”

Mello Music Group will release a new album on July 24th that unites L’Orange and the cocoa butter master, Kool Keith. The project is called Time? Astonishing! and you may have a listen to one of the songs from it, called “The Traveler”. It also welcomes in J-Live for nothing but niceness. The album (as MP3’s) can be pre-ordered from Amazon below.


FREE DL: L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae featuring Homeboy Sandman’s “Ignore The Man To Your Right”
Twelve days. It’s just twelve days until L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae release their new album for Mello Music Group called The Night Took Us In Like Family and the music is sure to take you in like family too, especially when you realize that Homeboy Sandman is on one of the songs. The song in question is called “Ignore The Man To Your Right” so don’t ignore this, get to it. Download is for free, so no excuses.

FREE DL: L’Orange’s “After The Flowers” (EP)
L’Orange not only has free music for you in the form of an extended play, but the EP is being distributed as a free item. Yes, it’s free of charge so have a listen to After The Flowers, which features help from Blame One, Amerigo Gazaway, Chuck Inglish, Red Pill. Xiomara, Billy Woods, Meyhem Lauren, and Johaz.

VIDEO: L’Orange featuring Blu’s “Need You”

Mello Music Group has released a new album by L’Orange called The Orchid Days and one of its gems is a song he did with Blu called “Need You”, now transformed into a visual masterpiece-to-be. You must decide.

FREE DL: L’Orange featuring Boog Brown’s “Until The Fall
Another rocker from Mello Music Group comes in the form of “Until The Fall” by L’Orange. Boog Brown is the MC on this and is said to have been recorded after L’Orange put together The Orchid Days so listen to it. If it moves, download it for free in MP3 or FLAC lossless forms.

VIDEO: L’Orange featuring Erica Lane’s “Man Of The Night”

If you haven’t heard L’Orange’s new album on Mello Music Group called The Orchid Days, you should give it a shot. In fact, here’s a video that me tempt you over the edge, a song he did with Erica Lane called “Man Of The Night”, an excellent piece of work, thanks to director Jay Brown.