FREE DL: Harsh Noise Movement present “The Pink Floyd Remix Project”

You may love Pink Floyd beyond compare and perhaps as a fan, you may have heard a few tribute songs or albums or perhaps you, like me, went to a Pink Floyd tribute band concert. Here’s something that goes beyond what you would expect. This is The Pink Floyd Remix Project compiled by the Harsh Noise Movement, a label known for their experimental, avant-garde and hectic noise. In this case, it’s a lot of noise and occasionally throughout these tracks, you’ll hear something melodious. I will say this: the tribute album will not be to everyone’s liking. If you are someone who enjoys music from a very diverse world, you’ll get into this. Stream everything from the Bandcamp page and player above but if you find it to be of interest, do use the “Name Your Price” option.

REVIEW: Francesco Chiapperini’s InSight’s “Paradigm Shift”

Francesco Chiapperini's InSight photo Francesco_cover_zpsnndcfvja.jpg Hearing something new from ther Germany-based label Aut is always unpredictable and I like that, because I enjoy having trust in a label but unsure of what they’re going to throw out into the world, and this is no exception. Paradigm Shift is a new project involving Francesco Chiapperini along with Simone Lobina and Simone Quatrana. What surprised me at first was the sound of guitars, as the label doesn’t offer shine the spotlight on guitarists or the sound of the guitar so I thought “whoa, what is this?” The music on this 7-track album felt more like a progressive rock album of a Pink Floyd variety but then things get more jazzy in pieces like “Atlas” and “Onlu Theme” and it’s more jazzy than what I’ve come to expect from Pink Floyd, even in their jazzier moments.

Yet ask someone who is more into progressive rock or even progressive jazz and they’re probably tell you “know, this sounds more like Krautrock” or “have you heard of Osanna? This sounds more like them but without ballads.” Regardless of what ones perspective is of this music, Paradigm Shift is something that does offer a new perspective each time you listen to it, and I like the fact I’m willing to listen to this differently and come out wanting to hear more.

VIDEO: The Silence’s “Ancient Wind Part 3”

 photo TheSilence_old_zpspd3ri5ws.jpg
“The Silence is a powerful force” says the e-mail and do I want to believe it? It’s not meant for me to believe but for you to believe in their Silence, in this case a new album called Hark The Silence (Drag City) and they want to lay a taste on your ears. It’s called “Ancient Wind Part 3”, which is a portion of the album’s opening 3-movement masterpiece. If you single it out and hear it as is, you may end up scratching your head to wonder what did I miss? Get involved and discover what you didn’t experience the first time. If you would like to find out more within the puzzle, the album is available below via

SOME STUFFS: A 19-CD box set is on its way for keyboardist Patrick Moraz

Patrick Moraz photo PatrickMoraz_old_zpsze95v5uf.jpg
One time Yes keyboardist Patrick Moraz is being honored this holiday season with a mindblowing box set consisting of 19 CD’s. That’s right. The box represents his solo material over the years and will also feature an exclusive card in each one, designed, conceived, and autographed by Moraz himself. The albums within the box consist of

Change Of Space
Future Memories I and II
Future Memories Live On TV
Human Interface
i“ (a.k.a. “The Story of i”)
Music For Piano And Drums – Live In Maryland – 2 Audio CDs
Out In The Sun
Patrick Moraz III
Windows Of Time

The 19-CD box can be pre-ordered directly from

AUDIO: Mammatus’ “Ornia”

When I had seen the fonts for Mammatus and their new album Sparkling Waters, I thought I was reading Sparkling Walruses. I was about to go “ooh” and “what kind of creative mind came up with that?” I was wrong, the album is called Sparkling Waters, to be released on November 20th by a label which has another interesting name: Spiritual Pajamas. Now had they called themselves Spiritual Walruses, I could’ve just ended this post and say “buy it by default.”

Tendencies to the weird aside, have a listen to what they are doing and how they hope to entertain you with a song from their forthcoming effort, check out “Ornia”.

SOME STUFFS: Audio Fidelity go “soundtracking” with new remasters

Audio Fidelity: Soundtrack Remasters photo AF_STDKcovers_zps78melqvz.jpg
Holiday season will be a good one for fans of the Audio Fidelity label, especially if you are a soundtrack album collector. Come November 27th, the audiophile label will not just release one soundtrack, but three of them.

  • The first one is the soundtrack to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, which was done by John Williams, who won two Grammy’s for it. This will be the first time it is getting a (hybrid) SACD release.
  • The second one is for the 1980 film Cruising, and was put together by Jack Nitzsche, who brought in the then-new music of the era, which was new wave and punk, so it features tracks by John Hiatt, The Germs, Willy DeVille, Ruff Trade, The Cripples and much more. The album has circulated in circles for years, now it is getting its debut digital release.
  • The third and final reissue for the James Caan-starred film Thief, which featured a soundtrack done by Tangerine Dream. This reissue is vinyl-only, a nice 180g audiophile pressing, so this one will be a juicer.

    The Thief soundtrack is the only one currently available to pre-order through Amazon, so click the link below:
    Tangerine Dream-Thief

  • FREE MP3 DL: Brontosaurus’ “Safe To Surface”

    A name like Brontosaurus may bring to mind The Flintstones but these guys have a lot of meat to their music. This Chicago band will place this song on Our Animal Ways, which will be out in June. The album will be made available on vinyl but whatever your preferred format is, you may pre-order it below via Bandcamp.

    SOME STUFFS: Code stream “mut” album in full

    CODE photo Code_old_zpsc4b15b11.jpg
    mut (Agonia), the new album by Code, will be ready for Europeans tomorrow and the album is being streamed at this very moment. The album will hit North America on March 10th although in truth, I’m sure it’s already being pressed up right now, if it isn’t finished and in a warehouse somewhere but we in North America will have to wait for just under two weeks to have our copies. Don’t wait though, for you can listen to it now by heading here.